Carrot fennel soup

Carrot fennel soup

Recipe of beautiful and useful soup from carrot puree and fresh greens. If you couldn't buy fresh fennel, then it is possible to use dried - a third of the specified quantity. You can even serve such soup to the child who not really loves carrots in the raw.

It is required to you

  • For six portions:
  • - 500 g of carrot;
  • - 1 bulb large;
  • - 3 garlic gloves;
  • - 3/4 glasses of milk;
  • - 3.5 glasses of chicken broth;
  • - on 2 tablespoons of the cut fennel, fresh onions-rezantsa;
  • - on 2 h a spoon of the crushed garlic, vegetable oil.


1. In a big pan pour water, put on a plate, bring to the boil. Peel fresh carrot, cut with large slices, send to water, you cook until ready. Then drain water from a pan, so far set aside carrot aside.

2. On average fire in a frying pan heat vegetable oil. Peel onions with garlic, cut, send to a frying pan, fry to softness (it will take about 5 minutes). Then shift fried vegetables in a pan to carrots, pour in chicken broth there, reduce fire to a minimum, cover, you extinguish 25 minutes that aromas mixed up among themselves.

3. Then crush carrot mix in the blender or the food processor, it is possible in the small portions if the sizes of the device don't allow to pour in it in all contents of a saucepan at once.

4. Again put Pyureobrazny weight on a plate, pour in milk there, add the cut fresh fennel and fresh onions-rezanets. You cook until soup gets warm, but you don't boil it. Give to a table at once, you can strew with ground black pepper from above. Carrot fennel soup isn't recommended to be cooked with a stock, long it isn't stored even in the fridge so try to use a ready-to-eat meal at once.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team