How to weld pease pudding that peas boiled soft

How to weld pease pudding that peas boiled soft

Nourishing and available pease pudding long since took root on Russian cuisine. This food is universal, perfectly approaches meat, vegetables, fish, seafood, can be applied as a self-sufficient dish. Well welded raw materials turn into abrupt, uniform puree. The skilled hostess knows how to weld pease pudding that peas boiled soft and pleased with saturated taste.

How to cook porridge from peas: 10 useful tips

  • Correctly pick up raw materials for porridge. Quicker yellow hulled peas boil soft (without superficial film).
  • Whole peas by the evening should be touched, having separated from garbage then carefully to wash out in cool water. Liquid after washing has to become completely transparent!
  • It is necessary to presoak gorshina within five-ten hours. At these raw materials not only will inflate and when cooking will quicker reach pyureobrazny consistence - the dish will smell more pleasantly.
  • Water after washing should be drained and filled in peas with boiled water. Level of liquid has to exceed a pea layer twice. Leave everything for the night.
  • Before cooking it is necessary to drain old water and to fill in fresh at the rate of about 6 glasses on 2 glasses of peas. Add a teaspoon of vegetable oil. 
  • It is recommended to cook peas in a thick-walled pan. After boiling of water on average fire it is necessary to scum, close ware a cover and to boil porridge already on slow fire (!) from 1 to 2 hours before full boiling away of liquid. From time to time it is worth stirring slowly pan contents that peas boiled soft evenly. If to appear need to add water, it is necessary to fill in only hot!
  • It is possible to salt pease pudding only 30-40 minutes later after the beginning of cooking as salty water won't allow peas to boil soft properly. It is possible to make it only right at the end.
  • To cook split peas to pyureobrazny consistence, it is optional to presoak it for the night. It is enough to wash out, leave properly in cold water for 10 minutes. Drain water, fill in with boiled water and close ware a cover. In 10-15 minutes to merge liquid again – and it is possible to begin cooking of peas.
  • If in ready porridge after all the soft, but not collapsed peas come across, the dish can be potolkat a mortar or to shake up in the blender, having added spices, vegetable oil, cream, if desired – boiled vegetables (onions, carrots, zucchini). 
  • It is necessary to weld pease pudding that peas boiled soft very quickly? Cook fresh or canned green peas within 20 minutes, and then crush it in a mortar or the blender. 

Pay attention: some for acceleration of a razvarivaniye of peas add baking soda to water. This ingredient considerably facilitates to the culinary specialist a task, allowing peas to turn into puree quickly. However experts warn: soda will destroy a set of the useful substances which are contained in raw materials.

What contains peas:

  • vitamins A, E, N and also groups B;
  • various minerals. Especially the product is rich with potassium, phosphorus, chlorine, calcium, magnesium.

With what to serve peas

Pease pudding can be given with meat goulash, cutlets, the fried or baked fish, seafood. Or just with onions, carrot roasting, olive oil or melted fat with cracklings. The unfinished dish will become an excellent stuffing for pies. Enjoy your meal!

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