How it is correct to run for weight loss?

How it is correct to run for weight loss?

Among all physical activities the run is one of the most effective options including for weight loss. It is connected with the fact that loading is received by practical all groups of muscles and also the respiratory and cardiovascular system trains. To achieve results, it is necessary to know how it is correct to run for weight loss. At regular trainings it is possible to accelerate significantly a metabolism and also to start process of combustion of fat. It is possible to run both in the morning, and in the evening, everything depends on the person that is when he has forces and time for a training. According to researches, there are two peaks of activity: the period with 11 to 12 and with 16 to 18.

How it is correct to begin to run for weight loss?

As well as any other exercise, run has the rules which are important for considering, otherwise result can not be.

As it is correct to run for weight loss of legs and buttocks:

  1. It is necessary to begin with warm-up which prepares muscles and joints of all body. It is enough to spend 10-15 min. Carry out inclinations, turns, attacks and jumps. After warm-up it has to be felt warmly on a body.
  2. It is important to pick up the correct mode for a training. Beginners should begin with jogging for 15-20 min. Speed should be chosen such to have an opportunity to speak without choking. It is worth going to jog two times a week. When the body gets used, time can be increased, gradually approaching an hour, and even it is more.
  3. Understanding how it is correct to run, it is worth sorting also technology of run for weight loss, having stopped attention on breath. Many beginners hold the breath and it is a serious mistake. It is the best of all to use such equipment: after four steps the breath, and then, after four steps – an exhalation is taken. Through a nose it is necessary to inhale, and to exhale through a mouth.
  4. It is important to pick up correctly footwear and clothes for run as it has to be comfortable. If after the first training the pain in foot developed, so sneakers are picked up incorrectly. It is important that footwear had a thick and elastic sole with an instep support. The clothes should not hold down movements, and fabric to be easy and water-permeable.
  5. Correctly to run for weight loss in a month, control pulse as it is important for burning of calories and for minimization of risk of getting injured. For an effective training the lower bound of pulse should be calculated by such formula: (220 – age) *0.6, and for calculation of the upper bound it is necessary to multiply by 0.8. It is the best of all to get a pulsator.
  6. Finding out as it is correct to run in the mornings or to evenings for weight loss, it is necessary to talk also about selection of the place for implementation of jogs. Choose places far away from highways, for example, the park or the square. Ideal option – the dirt road.
  7. Surely take a water small bottle on a training. Experts recommend each 5 min. to moisten a throat with water.

Speaking on a subject – as it is correct to run for weight loss in the evenings, it is worth paying attention and to interval run which is considered the most effective. The sense is that the person at first runs as fast as possible, and then, reduces speed to easy jogging or even fast walking. During run at fast speed the organism begins to spend effectively a reserve of carbohydrates, and then, and the saved-up fats. At acceleration there is an improvement of a metabolism. There are three options of interval run:

  1. Interval sprint – alternation of fast and slow run.
  2. Tempo run – overcoming long sites at fast speed.
  3. Repeated run – it is necessary to run to feeling of strong exhaustion and short wind, and then, speed decreases for breath restoration.

To achieve result in weight loss thanks to run, it is important to adhere also to healthy nutrition.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team