How to use the Ccleaner program?

How to use the Ccleaner program?

There is a mass of programs for cleaning of the computer and optimization of its performance. Before beginning to use any given program be defined what is necessary to you result and also pay attention to your user level. It is necessary to choose the optimum program and not to suffer in its further use.

One of the simplest and effective programs for cleaning of the computer from garbage is Ccleaner. In comparison with other programs it has a number of pluses, namely:

  • free free distribution;
  • intuitive interface;
  • multilingualism;
  • access to updates online.

Installation and Ccleaner control

It is possible to download the program from where it is necessary, from the official site, to torrent trackers therefore we pass at once to how to install Ccleaner on the computer.

Installation is made standardly, as well as the majority of other programs. During installation you can add program labels to the Start-up menu, on a desktop, to the panel of fast start and to a context menu of a basket. Depending on the version the programs to you can be suggested to be installed, on an example of Yandex of Bars, Google for Internet Explorer or something else. On the discretion you remove ticks if you do not want to establish anything additional.

After completion of installation it is possible to get to work.

How Ccleaner is correct to use?

After opening of the program you will see several tabs with certain functions. Let's begin one after another.

  1. In this window at the left you will see the list of all areas of cleaning. Attentively see everything and remove ticks where cleaning is not desirable. For example, at control of cleaning Internet Exsplorer if you do not want to enter anew the kept passwords of the websites, then it is better not to touch cookies.
  2. See everything most concerning other browsers installed on the computer too if those are available.
  3. We press on the Analysis button and we wait until the program analyzes all areas. On end we press Cleaning and upon termination of removal of unnecessary files we press the OK button.

How to clean the register by means of Ccleaner?

We go to the corresponding tab and we press on the Analysis button. On completion of process if problems are found, it is necessary to press to Correct. After that to appear a window with a question of saving backup copies and here you choose, Yes or No. Cases when cleaning of the register to become the cause of failure of work of OS or programs are rare, but nevertheless happen therefore it is better to keep backup copies for fast restoration if necessary.

Let's stop on what is represented by cleaning.

Daily we make a set of various actions on the computer, we delete and we install programs, we visit a set of the sites, we communicate by means of e-mail clients, we update codecs, drivers, etc.

At installation of programs there is a record in the register of OS, and during removal information can be removed partially or is not removed absolutely


Further, the system creates temporary files and creates records in the register which, besides, not always completely are removed.

Browsers store information on the visited sites which is absolutely useless subsequently.

These and still many other useless files litter the computer that reduces its performance therefore periodic cleaning by means of such programs as Ccleaher is necessary.

Other Ccleaner functions

Among other opportunities of the program it is possible to find such functions:

  • removal of programs by means of pressing the Deinstalyation button opposite to the selected program;
  • an opportunity to include, disconnect or delete programs from automatic loading;
  • to delete control points of system recovery though it is not recommended to do it;
  • to erase disks completely (to delete all information on them) or only the place which is not taken by files;
  • to change settings the program according to personal preferences.

Having understood as as, will work with Ccleaner simply and quickly for you and it is reliable and effective for your computer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team