What processor is better for games?

What processor is better for games?

Fans of modern games are ready for a lot of things if only their computer was powerful and had high performance. For this reason information on to what to take the processor for games, is so relevant. Today there are many different technologies and the optimization which are directly influencing operation of applications. Let's consider key indicators to which it is worth paying attention when choosing components of the computer.

What processor is better for games?

The most famous and popular producers are AMD and Intel. Each brand has good and powerful processors which are similar the characteristics and even the price. For this reason, you should not lean only on a brand and it is necessary to be aggravated in this question more seriously. To understand whether the powerful processor for games is necessary, it is rather simple to look at the requirements which are moving forward to the computer. There are several key indicators, considering which it will be possible to choose the good processor. Still it would be desirable to tell about the price, and so in this fight the AMD brand wins. Experts do not recommend to use the principle that the more expensively, the better. This results from the fact that performance has to be sufficient, but not superfluous.

Clock frequency and quantity of kernels. The first concept implies the number of operations which are carried out by the processor in a second. Still some time ago clock frequency was the most important parameter, but today, considering emergence of multinuclear technologies, this indicator receded into the background. The best processor for games has to have four kernels as modern games are designed for them. It is important to notice that even the dual-core processor with a high clock frequency will not be able to pull modern toys.

Cache memory. This indicator is meant as a buffer zone where data are loaded before getting to the processor. To have an opportunity to play quietly on the computer, it is necessary to choose the option equipped get prettier a cache memory as he wins in speed somewhere for 15-20%.

Built-in video adapter. The video card matters in a game configuration, affecting quality of graphics. In casual games the built-in adapter will allow to save significantly. It is important to notice that 75% of the general performance depend on the graphic card.

Built-in technologies. Understanding how to choose the processor for games, it is necessary to talk about useful "additives" which allow to make operation of the equipment of more effective. Let's consider the most popular technologies:

  1. Hyper-Threading (SMT technology). It is possible to use in processes of the Intel company. This technology helps to put "idle" resources into operation to carry out parallel operations. It is intended for dual-core processors.
  2. TurboBoost (Intel) or TurboCore (AMD). This technology helps to increase efficiency of CPU. Thanks to it the many-tier processor helps to correct the frequency of separate kernels, considering their loading. The technology does not increase energy consumption and a thermolysis.

Whether it is worth accelerating the processor for games?

Many users often ask a similar question, especially, if their equipment zastaret a little. Dispersal of the processor is possible that initially producers put a certain stock which can be used in the computer. It is possible to carry the fact that the processor will work quicker to advantages of dispersal, in most cases performance increases no more than by 5-10%. Is at dispersal and essential minus – the processor begins to be heated strongly, and it can become the cause of failures and damage of important details.


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