5 widespread myths about the relations with men

5 widespread myths about the relations with men

Each person wants to construct the ideal relations for the rest of life, but often interfere with it the delusions occurring in society in some of which we sacredly trust, however if blindly to follow foreign advice, it is possible not to reach the desirable. Before you — several widespread myths, knowing which you will be able to avoid silly mistakes.

1. If to speak louder, he will quicker satisfy requests

It is known that women are by nature often more impulsive, than men therefore if desired to achieve from the man of consent in any question begin to raise the voice. Many women try to explain it not only in terms of physiology, considering that at hard words the man will understand need of a request better and, respectively, will execute it.

Actually all not absolutely so: men are often irritated by loud voices of girlfriends, and the person in bad mood is inclined not to performance of a request, and on the contrary — to refusal. Nevertheless, the myth repeats again and again as sometimes men with a reluctance agree to a request only in order that the woman calmed down — certainly, not the fact that the concession to requirements will turn back performance of the desirable.

2. The ideal man exists not only in women's the mechtakhmecht to find the ideal man is peculiar to each woman, and especially it concerns young girls. Nevertheless, it is worth understanding that any person is not perfect — all have the shortcomings and strangenesses. In search of the ideal man there can pass all life, and the good partner who could make you happy, you in that case risk not to notice — just because he from your point of view is not ideal. 3. Men look for sex for one night and often do not want long-term the otnosheniybolshinstvo of modern men wants to enter into the relations with the woman suitable it and to live with it all life — it desire is the main of all acquaintances and appointments. The American psychologist Andrew P. Smayler called the steady myth that men need the relations for one night, "Casanova's stereotype". From his point of view the need for the constant partner is caused at the man physiologically: the man, of course, could impregnate hundreds of women in a year, but in this case it will not have confidence that all these children are carriers of its genome and, therefore, not the fact that its genes will be transferred to the next generation. It is much more logical to remain near one woman and to track that children grew up healthy and could transfer genes further. 4. The way to heart of the man lies through his zheludokbolshinstvo of people prefer to eat tasty and healthy food therefore, undoubtedly, men, and women need to watch the diet both. However thus not to win the man's heart — fir-trees the woman does not seem to the man attractive, kind of well she did not prepare, she will not be able to receive his arrangement. It is much more effective to find time for personal care and intellectual development — at the beautiful and attractive woman more chances to create the strong harmonious relations, than at the unattractive, but excellent cook.5. On beautiful do not marry, marry clever, and appearance not vazhenv our century many men seek to enter into the relations with clever women, but to say at the same time that the appearance has no value — a big mistake. It is worth to rememberIt is worth to remember that the considerable role in the relations between the man and the woman is allocated for reproduction: the beautiful woman is automatically perceived by the man as healthy, so, is more suitable mother for his future children. Therefore the woman needs to develop not only intellectually, but also to watch the appearance and to devote time to care for a figure, skin, the style and a manner to move.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team