As love can long last

As love can long last

The feeling of love gives wings. Time spent with darling seems fine. Desire is constant to be with an object of love prevails over reason. And only over time the veil begins to fall down with eyes, opening a real image of the person.

Psychologists managed to allocate the main stages of love. At the first stage there is an allocation of the specific person from crowd. At the sight of it begins heart is speeded up to fight. All thoughts are occupied by it. At this stage there are no real relations yet, and the feeling of love blossoms.

The delight is succeeded by the doubts concerning reciprocity of feelings. There is a readiness for the relations. There is an aspiration to be pleasant, constantly to be in sight of a love object.

After the first appointment is appointed, euphoria of reciprocity appears. This feeling blinds, takes the breath away. There is desire not to leave from darling, to enjoy proximity with it. Consciousness sees only its positive qualities. An object of love seems nearly an ideal. And sometimes the appearing any given suspicious detail immediately takes a back seat and is not taken into account. Easily the thought of re-education of darling in case of need arises. Over time qualities of darling begin to be perceived in real light. At this stage often pluses turn into minuses. Opens that the soulmate does not seek to change at all. The first quarrels begin to arise. At the next stage there is either a gap, or the relations move to absolutely other level called love. In the second case of steam, continuing to admire with each other, gradually learns to accept negative sides of the half as a part of her personality.

According to scientists, the condition of love can last from 12 to 17 months. This time happens enough to be refused or achieve reciprocity. And here the condition of emotional dependence can proceed very long, bringing more feeling of suffering, than joy. There are people having tendency to get to above-mentioned emotional dependence. In most cases it is people with the underestimated self-assessment who begin to feel full only near someone. They cling to the one who is near even if they do not suit one another at all. The situation is aggravated with tendency of an object of love to manipulation. Such relations can last for years. Similar love can be referred to the category of pathological. To help leave in certain cases from this a state only the psychologist can.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team