As the girl to make a declaration of love to the first

As the girl to make a declaration of love to the first

It is considered to be that the man has to take the first step in the relations. And wait for declaration of love of the girl from guys. However if you have feelings to the partner why not to admit it the first? The main thing is to choose, how exactly you want to tell about the love.

It is required to you

  • - card;
  • - products for a romantic dinner.


1. Be tuned into recognition. The love is strong feeling therefore before speaking about it, listen to yourself. Whether really you love the person who near you? Perhaps, you take usual sympathy for love. It is in this case better not to hurry with conclusions, "I like" to tell never late. But if you are sure that you have the most tender feelings, then safely speak about them.

2. Do not recede. If you made up the mind to such important step, do not dare to relax or give vent to fears. For certain before such event you will be tormented by doubts: whether correctly you arrive that you make a declaration of love to the first whether he will reciprocate to what will cite your words whether the relations will deteriorate. You drive similar thoughts from the head. Be sure of correctness of the decision, do not adjust yourself on a negative.

3. Think over as you will tell the guy about the feelings. It is possible to organize romantic evening. Prepare its favourite dish, light candles. Romantic atmosphere not only will adjust it on the necessary harmony, but also will help you. Muffle light, turn on the pleasant music. In such atmosphere it will be easier for you to open soul before the young man and to tell everything that you to it feel. If you cannot decide to pronounce important words aloud, write them on a card.

4. Do not demand from the guy of mutual recognitions if he does not say them right after your recognition. You do not hurry to draw conclusions and to break off the relations. Perhaps, it is in confusion or even shock from the event. Some males are absolutely not so resolute as their halves think. Time can be necessary for it to realize that occurred. Do not worry, he will surely estimate your courage. And if is not present, be not upset. Means, this is just not that person who has to be near you. It is not necessary to be closed in itself and any more never to speak to young people about feelings. On the contrary, be proud of themselves, you were open and honest.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team