As to make the friend of the enemy

As to make the friend of the enemy

A little who has no enemies at all. There are conflicts and quarrels, people take offense, move away and imperceptibly turn into foes. But over time someone can have a desire to improve the relations and to turn the enemy into the good friend.


1. Forgive your enemy, forget all bad that was between you earlier. Get rid of negative memoirs and be adjusted on the benevolent relations. If you continue to dislike the foe, he it can feel and reject your offer of friendship.

2. Smile to the former enemy. Remove all arrogance, sneers, old offenses. Nod at a meeting, greet and in other ways show the arrangement. Show it that your war is ended, and truce time has cometime has come.

3. Break a hidden barrier. At first it will be difficult to enter the list of acquaintances of the recent enemy, especially if you strongly clashed. Make friends with his friends, find a little information on it, find a common ground – common interests, hobbies, outlooks on life.

4. Use mutual friends and acquaintances. Learn about feelings which your foe in relation to you has. Let them speak about you only good as you changed and that you could make friends. Attend parties or clubs where your former enemy goes.

5. Start a conversation. You speak on usual subjects about which strangers speak. At first the interlocutor can be wary of you, expecting sudden threat or a cruel joke. Apologize for old offenses. Show that forgot the past and decided to begin all over again, offer the help. When the relations become closer, talk to it about subjects which are interesting to it, show attention to his hobbies.

6. Ask the help, but only when your relations become friendly, and the offense from its party will be forgotten. People have sympathy for those who are helped. If you are engaged together in your project, you will have an opportunity to talk, know each other better and to become good friends.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team