As to return to the woman fire to a matrimonial bed

As to return to the woman fire to a matrimonial bed

Many women, having married, mistakenly consider themselves full mistresses of the man. And after several years begin to lament that the husband became cold to it, does not pay attention and in general, probably, does not love. In a bed the situation can be is also deplorable. The monotony can tire the man, and the subconsciousness unconsciously constantly looks for something new. The same occurs also in family: the ordinary of family life just bothers, and there can be problems on a marriage bed.

That the man did not grow cold to the spouse, it is necessary to conform only to several rules.

The wife has to be attractive. You should not frighten the husband by linen dressing gowns and the crushed slippers. It is better to get a set of peignoirs and dressing gowns of frivolous breed and in them to do household chores in front of the husband. Or just in underwear, but not the Soviet sample, and beautiful and attractive. It will play a role in return of former passion.

Sometimes it is necessary to apply something new in the sex. For example, to try role-playing games or what was not done earlier. Very pleasantly to the man when the spouse surprises him in a bed. Also the fact that the woman will begin to flirt and make advances to the spouse again will positively affect.

At the husband it is desirable not to be engaged in imposing of masks, correction of eyebrows, drawing a make-up. The man perceives these processes as inquisitorial tortures.

It is not necessary to allow humiliation of the man at all. Men are sensitive as children, and will never forgive humiliations and will surely revenge. As revenge – will go to the mistress who loves. The man needs to be praised. Not important for what. The nail hammered – the clear head, from fishing of three crucians brought – the getter. The happy man always will also try everywhere, in a bed including.

The husband needs to be fed. And not just to give food, namely to feed. Tasty, plentifully, and what he loves. The full man is always ready for feats as sexual, and others.

The man has to feel like the head of the family. He can not be him, but has to feel. In time the stroked ego will keep the husband from campaigns on the party and will keep wellbeing in a bed.

If the woman conforms to these rules, then there is a high probability that the man not only will never betray the family and love, but also the former passion will return to intimate relations. And family life will turn into one continuous honeymoon.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team