As women change

As women change

Women change the soulmates a little less than men, however and such lovely beings are capable to make treachery in relation to the beloved.


1. Englishman Robin Baker conducted some biological researches as a result of which it became clear that among five thousand married women of age there are from 30 to 40 years, every ninth had the child born not from the legal husband. The most interesting is that even mothers of children did not know that a father of the child is not their husband. Most of respondents confirmed that extramarital affairs were made only once, however even it was enough to conceive the kid.

2. Girls change the soulmates for various reasons. Some decide to start an affair on the party for the reason that husbands grew cold to them and ceased to give the spouse the necessary amount of attention. Women's search of the representative of a strong half of mankind who will give them necessary emotions and feelings became result of male indifference. In such a case of the woman began to change enormously the appearance, changed clothes, did a new hair, signed up for courses of dances, visited fitness clubs, and, having achieved desirable result moved off in searches of the new victim. The night club, restaurant, cafe, movie theater or any social network could become the place for acquaintance. Near the new lover the woman blossomed again and felt happy and inspired. But similar intrigues last long not too, having ego-tripped, the spouse comes back to the family again.

3. New love is one more reason of female incorrectness. Girls accidentally meet the young man to whom begin to have deep and passionate feelings. The woman spends all the free time with the beautiful guy, hesitating to interrupt communication with the permanent partner so far. However the treason which arose as a result of new love most often comes to an end with parting with the previous man.

4. Some girls find to themselves lovers among the fellow workers. Such unfaithfulness is made during a lunch break or after the working day. Couple seldom visits together public places and can find time only for love joys after which both lovers come back to family.

5. One more place for an institution of new acquaintance and commission of treason - rest in the resort. Ladies go to bed with unfamiliar men, for the purpose of search of entertainments. Holiday romances proceed passionately and violently, however come to an end most often with parting.

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