How to be responsible for words

To become the person, successful in all spheres, it is necessary to build the relations with people around on the basis of cooperation and trust. Most often trust the one who is able to hold these promises in the stipulated terms. But admit whether so you are scrupulous in relation to execution of the oaths sworn to themselves? Most likely, no. When you understand that you forgot about some long ago planned business again, the self-assessment and self-esteem suffers yours.


1. Always make such promises which you will be able really to execute. If a difficult task, then solve it step by step, as at school, in several actions. It is better to take the responsibility for the solution of one task, than to charge itself with a set of problems which will turn into the avalanche which hung over you. After all, you will not have time and forces to receive qualitative result in the set time.

2. It is impossible to promise what you are for some reason not able to make. Undertake better small business which you will be able to execute in this interval of time. So at you confidence in own forces will arise and will become stronger. For example, you make to yourself a promise to go since Monday to the gym and during three occupations to dump fifteen kilograms of excess weight. Such promise to execute is unreal for such short term, especially without additional correction of food and a day regimen. If you just promise that you will begin to play sports and will adhere to a diet a long time, then your task will become achievable. Your weight will return to normal.

3. If you decided to make something of the affairs long ago planned, but postponed until the best times, then order to pay to yourself a fine for each delayed day. For example, do not overcome favourite nightly transfer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team