How to begin a conversation with the unfamiliar girl

How to begin a conversation with the unfamiliar girl

Sometimes the shyness and indecision can abruptly change human life if prevents to tell something at the right time. Especially it holds down guys at the sight of the attractive stranger who clings soul, but to which it is so terrible to start talking.


1. Analyze a situation. It is necessary to make it quickly, having estimated a situation. Not always matter in lack of courage – can, not time and not the place for acquaintance now. But it is possible to understand it, having appeared directly in such situation.

2. Estimate the appearance. At acquaintance one look suffices to understand, it is necessary to continue it or better right now will be developed and to go in an opposite direction. Therefore if you are not sure that you look fantastically, maybe, it is worth postponing acquaintance for more opportunity, the second chance can not be.

3. Think over what to tell. Not to falter, to look silly and ridiculous, try though approximately to present that you can tell that acquaintance was tied and continued.

4. Do not forget about humour. Many girls appreciate this feeling in guys, besides it will help to relieve the tension and will promote warm acquaintance. But you remember that the humour has to be not excessive, not trite and not persuasive.

5. Observe a distance. You remember elementary rules of etiquette: you speak validly, you do not approach and you do not sit down so close that the girl will be confused or will be forced to make you a remark, do not ignore her interests (if she listens to music, reads the book or talks to someone, then apologize for the fact that you distract it and only after that you speak that planned), be not imposed if the girl clearly let know that does not want to get acquainted.

6. Give compliments. Let they will be sincere and honest. Perhaps, she will not respond to words that her eyes sparkle as diamonds, and the fact that you will note warmth of her smile or gentle tone of a voice will estimate.

7. Help the girl. If she bears a heavy bag or it is inconvenient to it to go along the slippery road, then focus on helping it, but not on as soon as possible to get acquainted. She will estimate your acts more, than words and compliments.

8. Act safely. Do not allow shyness to take away from you chance to get acquainted with the girl who hooked on your heart. If the situation and circumstances dispose to acquaintance, then it is not necessary to wait for more happy occurence.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team