How to characterize the man

How to characterize the man

Statistics shows that about a half of the marriages consisting today come to an end with a fast divorce. It contacts first of all that people make this decision thoughtlessly, having given in to a love rush. Time sorts things out. That the family was strong and happy, it is necessary to be able to make objective opinion on the man, namely to characterize it.


1. First of all, it is necessary to obtain objective information about the young man, that is to learn his age, nationality, the birthplace, to obtain as much as possible data on his family. It can tell a lot of things about it.

2. Not less important information is the state of health. The person having serious problems will not be able to give birth to healthy children. Some diseases influence a way of life, demand a particular treatment or a diet. The feeling sick can prejudice also career success in many areas. Tell yourself honestly whether you are ready to accept the man with all his features.

3. Very important factor for family life is compliance of characters and temperaments. For example, it will be difficult to two quick-tempered and conflict people to create the strong and harmonious relations. At first the ardency of darling can seem romantic line, but over the years his hot temper will hinder for the strong union. Certainly, silly to ask the young man to fill psychological test after the first appointment, but to learn its character it is possible on trifles.

4. Work of the man will also help to make about him a certain opinion. The main thing – not with what position he began the career way, and how quickly and willingly on it moves ahead. If the young man is ambitious and purposeful, then he will achieve success even if he has no communications and material resources to receive a good position at once. If the stronger sex is happy that it has, and does not seek for improvements, you risk to lose with a chipped washing-tub.

5. The relations between parents and close relatives and also his communication with family members can tell a lot of things about your elect. Long ago it is noticed that the young people esteeming and loving mother project these feelings on the wives. And, on the contrary, in family where scandals are a part of normal life, it is hardly worth hoping to construct a happy nest.

6. The popular wisdom says: "Tell me who your friend, and I will tell you who you are". Do not scorn this opinion! Look narrowly more attentively at friends of darling, they for certain have something the general. You can recognize by these people its hobby, a habit, the nature of communication with people around. If close people of your man do not depart from gaming machines and casino, then and he, most likely, is very hazardous.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team