How to define whether we suit one another

How to define whether we suit one another

It is possible to construct family with any person, the difference depends only on the number of the made efforts. However you should not create couple with the first comer nevertheless, him it is necessary to arrange all life under himself or to try to remake. Most often such attempts come to an end with total collapse. There are such people who are suitable for the serious relations more, others will always live life.


1. Knowing temperament of the partner, it is possible to predetermine the fate of such union with high probability. Phlegmatic persons are the quiet and balanced people who are not participating in quarrels sometimes even it seems that such people completely have no feelings as they are indifferent to everything.

2. Choleric persons are more vigorous, but quickly lose to everything interest, they note apparent defect of patience. Melancholiacs are vulnerable and impressionable, experience offense painfully, do not go into conflicts under no circumstances. Sanguine persons are mobile, vigorous, but at the same time and are quiet, often neglect opinion of people around, do not pay attention to failures.

3. If in family both partners are phlegmatic persons, then joint life will be long and stable. Such couples disperse seldom though can avoid a long time a talk with each other. Partners should avoid half-words and secrets in the relations as it can affect mutual trust.

4. Couple consisting of the phlegmatic person and the choleric person, or of the phlegmatic person and the sanguine person have tendency to the frequent conflicts because the partner phlegmatic person cannot show the feelings rather brightly and emotionally.

5. When the family consists of two choleric persons, it is worth belonging more seriously to each other as the frequent conflicts will not manage to be avoided. Both sanguine persons with ease treat everything, but at the same time such relations lead to unfaithfulness and a lie. The choleric person and the melancholiac, or the sanguine person and the melancholiac will often find reasons for quarrels especially as melancholiacs always take offense because of some trifles and close take all problems to heart.

6. Sometimes people are very similar at each other, they feel surprising mutual understanding from first minutes of acquaintance. They have identical tastes, acts and opinions in many questions. But when they together, all shortcomings and advantages are shown twice more brightly. Despite this they understand motives of acts of each other, but cannot indicate the made mistakes as they just do not see them in what difficulties of relationship consist.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team