How to get a divorce

How to get a divorce

When there pass the love and further joint life becomes impossible, people get divorced. Divorce it is possible to receive in department the REGISTRY OFFICE or in court. In the REGISTRY OFFICE part at the consent of both spouses and in the absence of children and also if one of spouses is incapacitated or was missing, at deprivation of one of spouses of freedom more than for three years. In court the spouses having children get a divorce if one of spouses does not agree to agree to divorce or in the presence of any disputes.

It is required to you

  • - petition or bodies REGISTRY OFFICE
  • - judgment on incapacity of the spouse or on loss
  • - the reference from court if the spouse is condemned for crime
  • - passport
  • - marriage certficate
  • - birth certificate of children
  • - application for award of alimony
  • - statement for the section of property
  • - receipt on payment of the state fee for divorce


1. For receiving a divorce in department the REGISTRY OFFICE it is necessary to file a petition from both spouses about divorce. To write the reason of divorce and that a marriage is dissolved by agreement, mutual claims and receivership proceeding are not available. To pay the state fee. In two months which are given on thought and reconciliation - you get a divorce.

2. If one of spouses is recognized by court incapacitated or missing, the statement is adopted from one spouse with the appendix of the judgment on incapacity or loss of other spouse. Such marriage is dissolved in the Registry office even in the presence of minor children.

3. When one of spouses is imprisoned for the term of more than three years the second spouse the REGISTRY OFFICE can submit the petition for divorce to bodies. A marriage is unconditionally dissolved.

4. In the presence of minor children, not desire of one of spouses to agree to divorce, having receivership proceeding or disagreements concerning payment of alimony and the place of residence of children – submit the petition with the indication of the cause of a divorce and the cause of disputes and disagreements. By a court decision a marriage is dissolved and all disputes, disagreements and questions of alimony will be settled according to the law.

5. If the spouse is pregnant or to the born child was not executed one year – it is impossible to get a divorce before achievement of one year by the child of age.

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