How to meet from maternity hospital

How to meet from maternity hospital

The child's birth – one of the most anticipated events in family, but also day of discharge of young mother from maternity hospital is not less important. Think only, your child will for the first time cross a threshold of your house. The young father should try much to provide a worthy meeting to the successor and his mother.


1. The aspiration of the young father as can be equipped more solemnly the spouse's meeting from maternity hospital clear, he so long waited for this day. But before starting a magnificent holiday, take an interest at the wife whether the solemnity in general is necessary to her. The most part of young mothers feels not ready for parades and limousines, and especially for reception of guests. And the big festival will hardly do the kid good. Celebrate the day of an extract quietly and in a family way better, and invite guests when new life slowly returns to the normal.

2. Anyway the kid has to come to the cleanest apartment. Only it is not necessary to rush to an extreme and to try to repair quickly, it is enough to arrange thorough cleaning of all rooms and the nursery in particular. Try not to abuse when cleaning chemically active agents. Especially avoid silnopakhnushchy detergents, take better warm water with the usual soap dissolved in it. Dust surfaces, wipe cases and regiments, put away ware, wash up a floor, take out garbage.

3. If your family is not subject to superstitions, then for certain you managed to prepare all necessary things and objects for the kid. If is not present, then the enormous running on shops with the huge list is necessary to you. Do not hesitate to call the spouse to specify details of purchases, it is better to spend 5 minutes for one phone call, than to learn later that bought absolutely not that it was required. When all things are bought, do not forget to visit one more shop. Namely - supermarket. To young mother in the first weeks of stay of the house with the kid will be not before kitchen cares, and it will be necessary to eat to all of you something. Gather more semi-finished products, proceeding from their taste and usefulness, fill the fridge with dairy products, fruit, vegetables to the maximum.

4. Directly in day of an extract take clothes for the kid and mother, a car seat, documents, flowers and the attendant with the video camera or the camera. You will hardly have time and an opportunity for shooting of good shots. You along with the wife and the child will act today in a leading role. Try to arrive to maternity hospital a little in advance or at least in time. Believe, there are no minutes more with pleasure, than expectation of the moment when the door at last is opened, and to a threshold there will be two of your darlings of the person on the planet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team