How to move away the person from the life

How to move away the person from the life

Sometimes in life it is necessary to make the choice not in favor of the person who was once dear. Process of adaptation to life without someone will long go if not to take several measures.

To set the object

The first that needs to be made for the adaptation, is to draw up the plan for the future. Here it is important not to turn from the planned road and in any way in these plans not to enter excess people. It is necessary to reconstruct, not to allow completely emergings in memory of the moments from the past. Even if these moments were great. The most right slogan - there are no irreplaceable people. This is trueThis is trueThis is true, there will pass time, and it will be possible to be convinced of it visually on own example. That it was easier to move away from the person in the subsequent, it is not necessary to become attached to him. It is worth holding a distance that was not excruciatingly painful.

To get rid of memoirs

The following step on the way to new life - removal of a link. It is possible to refer to this category: photos, correspondence on social networks, the phone number in the notebook, gifts, symbolical songs and movies, clothes, perfume. All things which directly or indirectly remind of the person need to be thrown out. It is not simple to close in a case, and to carry away from the house to get rid irrevocably. If not to make it, then sooner or later it will want to revise photos and gifts. It will only excite memory and will become an obstacle for achievement of the goal - to move away the person from the life.

To exclude meetings

It is necessary to take care of excluding the probability of a personal meeting with the person. It is necessary to define the list of places where he can appear where lives, walks and has a rest. Of course, completely to evaporate it will not turn out, but if to try, then it is never possible to meet any more. If there is no more desire with the person to communicate, have with it any relations, but he does not share this position, then it is necessary to try to explain in a civilized way the point of view, at the same time to adduce telling arguments. Further it is better not to provoke the foe, and just to evaporate as a butterfly, from his life.

To reconsider a circle of contacts

If to go all the way, then it is probably required to exclude from a circle of the communication not of one person, but several. It is impossible to present with a choice - with whom to communicate and with whom is not present, mutual friends and acquaintances. A choice needs to be made independently. The exception of the general circle of acquaintances will help to avoid unpleasant questions, trials, reconciliation attempts.

Possibility of moving

It is whenever possible best of all to go to other city, the country or to move at least to other area. At the same time not to notify mutual friends on the moving and not to leave the details. It is worth taking care of change of the phone number, a mailbox, the page on social network.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team