How to react to unplanned pregnancy

How to react to unplanned pregnancy

Ladies of different age can learn about the unplanned pregnancy. It happens also to young girls, and to skilled women. The reasons for which on the test two strips appear there can be a set.


1. Do not panic. In this case it is necessary to keep calm. If you have a husband, talk to him. Solve whether you will be able to bring up this child or not. You should not go for reception to the gynecologist at once to make abortion. Understand that it is necessary to do it only in a desperate situation. After abortion at most of women problems with health, a remorse begin. Many of them even ask to the psychologist for the help. Therefore you should not risk so the physical and mental health.

2. If you already gave birth to two and more children with the help Caesarian sections, consult with the doctor. Usually in this case experts do not advise to risk the life and recommend to make termination of pregnancy. If you have any problems with female health, also consult with the doctor. He examines you and will make necessary recommendations. Perhaps, childbirth is contraindicated to you.

3. If you have all opportunities to grow up the child, but you are afraid to take the responsibility, address the psychologist. Now in many hospitals of consultation of this expert it are provided to pregnant women free of charge. He will help you to make the correct decision.

4. Watch movies about development of a fruit in your organism. Read books about what occurs in you during pregnancy. Present how through short time you will be able to carry on hands only yours that the given rise child who in a year will call you mother. Understand that children are joy.

5. If you are precisely sure that you want to leave the child, urgently be registered to the gynecologist, be examined by experts, make all tests to be convinced that the fruit develops correctly. Reconsider the way of life, a day regimen, a diet. Begin to use more vitamins, to spend in the fresh air more time, to have a rest, cease to raise weights — be adjusted on motherhood.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team