How to reciprocate to the man

How to reciprocate to the man

The shyness and shyness sometimes prevent women and men to communicate among themselves. If on the street the guy tried to start talking to you, but did not take your phone or after the first appointment the lovely young man did not call you, it is possible the matter is that your shyness and inability to show approval. How to let know to the man that he is pleasant and to reciprocate to you to him?

1. Smile to the man. It is a sure sign of the fact that it to you is nice. Young people are beings uncertain before approaching the girl, they will doubt whether they will be able to interest her. If you like jokes guy – laugh. Men consider that if they managed to make laugh the girl, then they already halfway to success that the lady will appreciate them.

2. Flirt. It not only will add the drive to the arising relations, but also will bring pleasure to both parties. Flirtation allows to draw to itself attention of the young man or to support courtings. From time to time detain a look on the man, you look at it longer than usual. After that, smiling, look aside, intriguing him. If you want, slightly touch the man. It will show that to you it is good with him.

3. Ask questions and listen to answers. Thus, you show the interest in the young man.

4. Admire the man and be surprised to what he tells. It will be pleasant to the guy that he was appreciated, and he will want to meet you again.

5. You pay compliments. The man will feel the desired and interesting interlocutor. Do it sincerely. Any person is for what to praise, especially if he is pleasant to you. Use indirect compliments. Admire its car, a dog, a position.

6. Communicating with the man on some subject, promise: "I will tell you about it next time". So you will let know to the young man that you want to meet him still.

7. Tell the man about how you like to spend free time. Hint it that he can keep you the company.

8. Give a small gift. It can be anything, even a beautiful autumn leaf. Here the fact and attention to his person is important. Your efforts will surely be rewarded.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team