How to write the letter to darling

How to write the letter to darling

Today very few people write usual letters. And it is so romantic - to sit down at a table, to take the handle and the sheet of paper and to write to the darling the small love message. Perhaps, in the letter you ask forgiveness for the mistake or, once again, remind how strongly you love it. Anyway, the letter will not leave the young man indifferent.


1. For a start take care of appearance of the message. If you want to transfer the letter personally to hands, buy a usual envelope. If you are going to send the letter by mail, you need an envelope with a stamp. Choose quality, dense paper for the letter, it is quite possible that your message will be re-read a set of times.

2. Before beginning the letter, some time think of the elect: about its best qualities, about remarkable traits of character, how strongly you love it. Having adjusted on the correct emotions, start writing. It is useful to write at first the text of the letter on the draft copy, to check it several times, and then to rewrite on the clean copy.

3. Begin to write with the address to darling by name. Then write about the feelings, about strong attachment in it. Write specifically: it is possible to remind darling some especially pleasant moments from your life, it is possible to admire his recent progress or merits. Try to dream up and dream in the letter on your future.

4. If you consider that your message lacks romanticism, add to it a line from beautiful verses on love. If you have a poetic talent, it is possible to try to write the poem independently. Such recognitions will not leave indifferent your elect.

5. Do not write too long message. It is better if the volume of the love letter is small, the main thing that in it your sincere feelings were expressed. At the end of the letter do not forget to append the signature with the words "I love you".

6. Sprinkle a leaf of your message the favourite spirits. It will give to the letter of romanticism. When the elect reads it, it will make on it a bigger impression as it will as if feel your presence near itself(himself). What you should not do, so it to leave on the sheet of paper prints of your kiss with lipstick. In an envelope lipstick can soil all message, and it will look very not esthetic that will spoil all impression.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team