Aquafobiya or a hydrophobia is two terms, Latin and Greek which designate the same phenomenon — fear of water, depth, swimming. Many scientists are sure that this type of phobias belongs to genetic: water always surrounded the person, as we know, our ancient ancestors always preferred to lodge on coast of the rivers and lakes to have access to drinking water. Possibly, accidents which can be connected with it and generated such natural phobia as fear of water.

Fear of water at children

Quite often the hydrophobia at people develops at children's age – suddenly in 4-5 years the kid begins to be afraid of bathings, and it cannot absolutely be enticed into a reservoir. This state is frequent comes unexpectedly – parents cannot define what caused it.

Many psychoanalysts express opinion on that, in 4 years in the child in general various fears begin to develop. Before sociable kids begin to be afraid of other children, do not want to go to kindergarten, do not transfer parting with mother or the father. Any emotion can generate sharp hostility to reality objects – and to water including. Most often fear of water develops in parallel with other neurotic symptoms.

In case your child at 3-5-year age found a hydrophobia, be very attentive in treatment of him not to generate fear of depth of water and bathing at adult age. It is worth observing such recommendations:

  • do not bathe the child violently (water him from a watering can, but you do not bring to water);
  • usually the fear is connected with water ingress on the person therefore at home accustom the kid to wash water and to hold the breath in the bathroom;
  • only after the fact that at the child there will pass panic and fears it is possible to try to bathe him in a paddling pool or at the coast of a reservoir.

Try to learn from the kid why he began to be afraid of water. In difficult cases it is possible to address the children's psychologist.

Fear of water: treatment for adults

If you overcame children's age for a long time, and your fears still with you, it is worth addressing the good psychotherapist who will offer you therapeutic sessions and, perhaps, even drug treatment. Anyway, you should not stay idle, this phobia can play a dirty trick with you. The doctor will help to get rid of her forever, and you will be able to lead quiet, full-fledged life in which there is a place to both bathing, and diving, and visit of aquapark.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team