To fall in love with itself - the psychological equipment

To fall in love with itself - the psychological equipment

People who love themselves are often called egoists. However this label is usually hung up only because someone did not manage to use the person loving himself. Therefore psychological technicians, exercises and a practical advice how to fall in love with themselves can be useful to very much.

What to begin with to fall in love with itself?

It is possible to begin self-improvement which purpose is the love for itself with affirmation. This psychological equipment helping to fall in love with itself is similar to auto-suggestion, and it is necessary to be engaged in it for a long time, the positive result will not be felt yet.

To make affirmation, it is necessary to write two lists. In one to specify the negative lines, in the second – positive. At the same time it is important to make so that the second list was longer. One more rule of affirmation – it is impossible to use a particle not. It is necessary to choose 3-4 phrases which will be used as affirmation from the positive list and to repeat them as often as possible.

The list with negative qualities is also capable to help with finding of love and harmony with itself. Many people are helped by such exercise: the negative list should be crossed out at first, then – to burn and dispel downwind. At the same time about himself it is necessary to repeat those affirmation which raise a self-assessment and help to fall in love with themselves.

It is impossible to fall in love with himself without acceptance of himself and the body. In this world there are not enough people completely happy with the appearance, even recognized handsome often suffers from complexes, and the fashion imposed by the industry standards only aggravates a situation. To fall in love with the body, it is necessary to get used to look after it, to buy only qualitative clothes and food, the body is a temple which is worthy the best. To help see themselves the good photographer in a new way can - he will find such foreshortenings which will open fine and worthy sides of appearance of admiration.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team