Treatment of alcoholism without the knowledge of the patient

Treatment of alcoholism without the knowledge of the patient

Problem of treatment of alcoholism and furthermore, without the knowledge of the patient, demands very resolute actions. Whether it is so possible to make something in a situation when the person does not wish to be treated?

As a rule, abuse of alcohol brings the person to psychophysical dependence sooner or later. Day of the patient (and such dependence is classified as a disease) does not pass without a certain dose of alcohol, at the same time one "knows the norm", that is drinks some amount of alcohol and does not need bigger. And the second lives infinite series of hard drinkings. Both one and other type of abuse of alcohol equally damage health, development of the person, his career, life in general. Of course, in any form of its manifestation it is necessary to get rid of dependence resolutely. But what to do if drinking does not see harm, does not recognize the disease, ignores the existing problem and danger of its consequences, so and does not agree to treatment?

In case relatives of drinking resort to treatment of alcoholism without the consent of the alcoholic to whom actually they want to help? At first sight, clearly that to the patient. The analysis of requests for the help shows that relatives often address the third party, especially to "nonconventional medicine", healers, vorozhka, sorcerers, etc., with a request "to affect" drinking. Such activity creates deceptive illusion of useful activity which reduces a remorse at relatives. But the situation, as a rule, does not change. Drinking continues to drink.

Nothing will change until family in general and each her member separately accurately do not realize what to help the alcoholic to get rid of dependence is necessary not for the sake of him, namely for the sake of itself.

What can the family of the alcoholic make?

If you decided to resort to treatment of alcoholism without the knowledge of your close, then instead of "as it is possible to change the alcoholic?", raise the question "how to change me/us itself that life of drinking changed?". And your life, respectively, would become healthier and comfortable. Would you like to change family habits so that to be happy with the drinking relative instead of feeling like the hostage of circumstances of life near him, his victim?

Treatment of alcoholism without the knowledge of drinking means by itself a situation when one or several members of the family of the alcoholic ask for the help for themselves. An occasion of the address is the next critical crisis situation. Without it it is hard for relatives to admit to himself (and to other people – especially) that in their family – serious problems with alcohol. The problems which dragged on so that the alcoholic to solve them any more not in forces. The relative addressing the expert often feels helpless moreover and the traitor: he not only that be not able to master a situation independently, so also "washes the dirty linen in public". The last researches of this problem demonstrate that alcoholism – a disease family and effectively to carry out treatment abusing alcohol, it is necessary to perform therapy to all family without exception. And for this purpose it is necessary to change stereotypes of behavior of family.

With change of the settled habits of behavior of family at drinking decreases or absolutely the motivation of abuse of alcohol disappears. Recognition of the problem, awareness of need of treatment, and, therefore, and consent to therapy comes for it.

Change of reaction of relatives to actions of drinking

So, understanding by the alcoholic of the problem is the purpose of treatment of alcoholism without the consent of the patient. Achievement of the goal is possible by change or total destruction of habitual reactions of family to actions of drinking.

Here, as stages of this technique are implemented:

  1. Assistance to the most vulnerable family member (most likely it is the alcoholic's spouses/spouse) by change of habitual reactions that traditionally developed in family. First of all it is necessary to help the relative drinking to overcome a complex of the hostage of circumstances, their victims.
  2. Accurate manifestation of an active position of the suffering family member.
  3. Training of all family members in the required behavior forms, their involvement in therapy process.

If you seriously want to achieve positive results in treatment of alcoholism of the person close to you without the knowledge of the patient, address first of all the experienced qualified specialist in the matter, be not seduced with advertizing promises of quick and any cheap help of amators.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team