What to do if the girlfriend envies

What to do if the girlfriend envies

The envy quite often is irrational: for example, the married lady can be tormented with a thought that her divorced girlfriend does not depend on the husband and can do that will want, without asking opinion of the man. However whatever the occasion was, the envy is capable to destroy the friendly relations therefore it is better to begin to fight against it as soon as possible.

Envy: we define the reasons, we eliminate consequences

For a start it is necessary to define what causes so unpleasant emotions in your girlfriend, and then to cease to do what irritates her. For example, if you notice that she grows dark, listening to your stories about great work or about progress in private life, refrain from such boasting.

The girlfriend can bring up the similar subjects to find an occasion to touch you. Avoid them better, try to transfer a conversation to other course or conduct a conversation quietly, without mentioning the achievements and udacha.

Unfortunately, can cause irritation even appearance of the person. If your girlfriend envies, looking at your new dress, beautiful shoes, or her rage your figure, hair, a condition of skin causes, it will be already more difficult to fight against it. Of course, it is not necessary to refuse new things or to cease to look after itself. Better a thicket give compliments to the girlfriend, noting beauty of her eyes, a new hairstyle, the interesting choice of combinations of clothes. It is important that compliments were sincere and emphasized true advantages of the woman. For example, if you tell the girl with not too beautiful hair that she has a delightful hairstyle, it can be apprehended as a jeer.

How to struggle with female envy

If you faced strong green envy when the person begins to dissuade you from useful undertakings, gossips behind your back, cracks venomous jokes into your account, the best option will be to increase gradually a distance between you then to break off the relations or to minimize contact.

You should not underestimate the power of envy. You do not share the plans with the girlfriend, you do not speak about progress: the risk that she uses these data against you is high.

If it is about the close girlfriend and you are sure that you can cope with a problem, hold a small hen party with a conversation on envy. It is important to discuss the reasons of this unpleasant feeling and together to find question solutions. But be careful: you should not say to the girlfriend at once that you know about her envy. It will be for certain very unpleasant to it to hear it, and the good conversation will not turn out. Try to analyze her behavior better, to find what causes this feeling in her soul, and then have a talk about this subject, the person, the phenomenon. The conversation has to be easy and easy: it is important that the girlfriend understood that you do not condemn her behavior and you do not want to quarrel with her. The history of the solution of problems with envious girlfriends you will be able to find at thematic forums.

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