Why husbands fool around, but do not leave?

Why husbands fool around, but do not leave?

One and almost main problem is the fear of the unknown. It is simpler to the man who got used to lead measured, quiet life to change the wife, than to leave her. Parting - it is always very heavy for both partners. Of course, not without reason there is a saying: Where there's smoke there is fire, - and the man had a reason to take such step therefore and on such step there had to be a reason. If the husband changed, but does not leave family before the woman there is a choice - to forgive him or to divorce. It depends on many factors, on the level of the relations of people with each other. Perhaps, such act will forever change the relations of spouses, having transferred them to new level. Couple will show consideration each other more. Most of women consider that if the husband changed, he has to leave, but beginning to dig in the relations, the representative of a fine half of mankind has to think whether fleeting one-time hobby is worth it to expel the spouse or it is possible to reanimate what is.

Why the husband changed, but does not leave?

The man can be fond of other woman, even loving the spouse if he lacks something in marriage. Quite often wives refuse to the soulmates sex, pretending that they are hurt by the head, there is no mood and finding other reasons. It very much offends and lowers a self-assessment to representatives of a strong half of mankind. Quite often also regular quarrels affect the relations, that is, between spouses always there has to be a mutual understanding and harmony. Of course, there is no matrimonial life without quarrels, but two loving hearts will always find approach and the decision to the developed problem. But forgiveness of treason of the husband is a problem which the woman has to solve independently, understand whether it will be able is farther to live with this person or is not present.

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