Why the guy does not give flowers and gifts

Why the guy does not give flowers and gifts

What can be more pleasant, than a gift without cause? Especially, if it is a gift from the beloved. But sometimes girls complain that their young people do not give flowers and gifts at all, even for birthday and memorials get off only with verbal congratulations. Why does that happenWhy does that happenWhy does that happen and in what the reason is? Let's try to understand.

Why the guy does not give flowers and gifts? To answer this question, it is necessary to consider the reasons which can move the young man on such inattention in relation to the darling.

Do not attach it significance

For gifts exists holidays, and to here indulge darling without cause often does not come to men to mind.

Do not find necessary

Some young men consider that gifts have to be handed only for something, for example, for good behavior, lack of scandals and jealousy, a regular tasty dinner and so on. And to very few people comes to mind to give a present just like that to raise a smile of darling.

Do not see sense

In this situation too a set of the reasons lack of flowers and gifts, for example, the young man does not see prospects in the relations or there can be some internal beliefs of the man and so on.

Cannot choose a gift

In some situations the young man just does not know what gift to choose for the girl to please. Here only easy, unostentatious, but frequent hints will help.

There are no means

Sometimes the young man has no necessary quantity of money to present a worthy, according to it, gift. In such situation it is possible to hint that any souvenir received from darling, this manifestation of love and attention, and its material cost is absolutely unimportant.

So spends for the girl much

Some young people consider that paying a joint visit of cinema, the cafe or restaurant - it are some kind of gift too therefore does not find it to give the next knickknack just necessary.


And business here at all not in lack of means, just the guy does not want to spend blood for the darling. In certain cases even the visit of cinema or coffee shop comes to an end with the section of the account.

Fear to miss

Many people do not give gifts only because they do not know tastes of the darling and are afraid to seem ridiculous in the opinion of darling. Having analyzed the reasons, it is possible to find that on which the young man refuses to give flowers or gifts, and then it is very tactful to him about it to hint. One more important point: always you thank the guy for gifts even if they are ridiculous, it were not pleasant to you and costs absolutely not much, the sincere gratitude is a reason for a new gift.

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