10 rules for spiritual growth

10 rules for spiritual growth

Following these rules, you reach the spiritual growth and perfection. Learn to control yourself and the life. For you new borders of self-knowledge and self-improvement will open. The world will show you such sides about which you didn't even suspect. But the most important is that all this will be your personal experience, but not the banal description of spirituality from books and movies. Remember that the main criterion of spirituality is experience. It means that you personally lived and endured this experience.

1. Get up early.

Early morning the most meditative time of day. Get up for the hour before the commonplaces and duties. This time – your personal time free from social duties. Devote it to the soul. Be engaged in jog or walk, yoga, chi kung or wushu. Be engaged in meditation. It is your contribution in new day.

2. Eat easy food.

Refuse meat and confectionery. Such food does the body heavy and slow. The organism should work at the raised turns all the time, digesting all this food. Your diet has to consist of natural and natural products.

3. Observe the mode.

Eat, you sleep, work at the same time. Construct the day tactically and adhere always to the chosen strategy. If it is disturbed by friends – refuse communication with them or communicate on the conditions. If work disturbs – change the job. After all, life at you one, and at employers, such as you are millions.

4. Maintain hygiene of the body.

Every day take the shower or the bath. Wash with the bast and soap. Skin has to be clean that radio energy freely circulated on the channels. Remember that the radio cover is your immunity.

5. Be friendly with people.

Be friendly and sociable with people. Smile to relatives and strangers. Put in communication the good mood, care and sincere attention to the person. Begin to carry friendly expression on the face from now on. You will notice how you will have the mass of positive energy.

6. Practice yoga.

Practice yoga and after it meditation every day. Let it will be only half an hour, but it will be your personal spiritual space. The yoga will adjust the correct streams in your body, and meditation will send these streams to the course of the highest consciousness.

7. Read spiritual literature.

Every day allocate time for reading useful literature and on life brightened up and teachers. Books which bear in themselves the concrete sense helping with knowledge of life and search of sense and freedom.

8. Filter the flow of information.

Remember that ninety percent of information arriving to you every day are spam. The TV, newspapers, radio, the Internet do everything possible to distract you from the main thing. Choose only what is almost necessary for household way and realization, and ignore the rest.

9. Don't become attached to things.

Continuous advertizing forces you to chase fashionable stuff of unnecessary stock without which you quietly could do yesterday, and today suddenly to you it became vital. It doesn't mean that it is necessary to live on the floor in the dugout. Receive that modern technologies can facilitate considerably life, but be not identified with things which on the spiritual scale are stuff. When you throw out the phone on the garbage can tomorrow, it will be equated to garbage. Understand that it is already garbage, tomorrow will only show its true value.

10. Control sexual energy.

It not only sex and sexuality, but also all curtseys that you execute to be pleasant to the opposite sex. This and morbid imagination and pensiveness. Become greedy in relation to the sexual energy. When it collects, you will feel that you possess the huge reservoir of energy. You feel its force, and you won't want to spill it on chaotic sex and chaotic gestures.

The most important the fact that you shouldn't force to conform yourself to these rules. If it brings you sufferings, so you aren't ready yet. You have to want to develop spiritually all the being – without illusions, without distortions, without doubts and vanity. It isn't necessary to rush to the extreme and from tomorrow it will become difficult to cut all bridges – to you, and you will begin to hate spirituality. It is necessary to come to it through understanding. To begin everything little by little. To gradually understand that without spiritual realization your life just waste of time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team