As it is correct to consider pulse at the training

As it is correct to consider pulse at the training

Measurement of the heart rate – one of the most important elements of the professional training. It is regular it is necessary to check the pulse during sports activities even to fans who want to increase only muscle bulk or to lose excess weight, but not to be prepared for competitions. The fact is that the heart rate affects efficiency of trainings, reducing or raising it.

Define pulse rate, optimum for your organism. As a rule, in the quiet state the cardiac muscle at the ordinary person is reduced 70-100 times a minute, at physically strong, regularly playing sports – 55-60 times, and the professional athlete has 40-50 times. To calculate optimum pulse rate which has to be established during the trainings it is possible to use the simple formula. Take away from the 220th your age, and then learn what 75% of the received number are equal to. You receive the maximum allowed value. It isn't recommended to exceed this norm categorically. Too intensive and long trainings during which the cardiac muscle works to the limit can seriously affect the health. At the same time the exercises assuming optimum load of heart help to increase efficiency of trainings considerably.

During each training it is necessary to measure pulse at least 2-3 times to monitor its changes. It needs to be done during "recovery phases", i.e. the periods of short respites between heavy exercises. For example, when after jog you will drop into the walk, it is a high time to measure and remember the frequency of the pulse. If it is too high, reduce physically loadings.

The easiest way to measure pulse – to use the special device. He won't disturb you during the trainings and will allow not to be distracted by calculations. However you can calculate pulse rate and independently. Both beginners, and experienced athletes often prefer to measure the heart rate, putting fingertips to wrist inside at the thumb basis. Mark 30 seconds, count the number of "kicks", and then increase it by two. It is also possible to mark 15 seconds and to increase result by 4. Pulse can also be measured, having put fingertips to the carotid, to the temple or even to the femoral artery located in the groin.

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