As it is correct to do an extension: a set of exercises for beginners

As it is correct to do an extension: a set of exercises for beginners

The flexibility along with force of muscles, endurance and coordination is one of the main characteristics of operability of a human body. Components of flexibility are the extensibility of muscles and mobility of joints. If amplitude of the movement of joints depends on type of a skeleton and a shape of bones and practically does not give in to development, then improvement of extensibility of muscles and sinews is promoted by an extension. In our article we will tell about main types of exercises on an extension and flexibility and also we will provide the description of how beginners can carry out them in house conditions.

Advantage of exercises on an extension

Except the increased plasticity of a body, exercises on an extension bring many pluses:

  • muscles become more elastic, and the body looks more esthetic;
  • stretching extends muscles and promotes increase in their force;
  • the flexible body has an opportunity to carry out a bigger set of movements with a bigger amplitude, speed and coordination;
  • the organism becomes more hardy, a bearing — more exactly;
  • at more flexible body at the identical number of the burned calories the efficiency of movements and efficiency of trainings increases;
  • the extension promotes blood circulation and oxygen in an organism, respectively, and to increase in a stock of energy per day and to recovery of muscles after physical activities;
  • trainings on flexibility promote improvement of a metabolism and digestion;
  • the extension reduces the probability of injuries of joints and ligaments and also is prevention of their diseases;
  • exercises on flexibility burn calories and slow down aging.

Important! Noticeable decrease in load of a backbone during pregnancy and also easier childbirth can become a special bonus of daily exercises for women.

Who cannot stretch

Occupations on an extension are a way not only to wake body muscles, but also to remove stressful stress.

Despite this, there is a category of people to whom occupations on an extension or are categorically contraindicated, or exercises need to be done with extra care:

  1. To the women expecting the child in the presence of threat of termination of pregnancy or premature birth, it is impossible to stretch. If the pregnant woman feels well, and there are no threats to either her, or future kid, it is possible to stretch, but with extra care.
  2. Women in days of periods need to learn to listen to the organism. In the presence of pain in a stomach the gymnastics should be stopped.
  3. In risk group — people with hyper mobile joints. Before the trainings they should undergo consultation at the doctor and if he agrees, then it is the best of all to train under the leadership of the experienced expert.
  4. It is not recommended to be engaged in stretching at once after transferring of injuries, operations and also in the presence of diseases of joints, muscles, bones, a backbone.
  5. Stretching is contraindicated suffering from arthritises, a hypertension, heart troubles, vessels.
  6. It is impossible to be engaged in the presence in an organism of malignant tumors.
  7. During infectious diseases, especially if temperature increased.
  8. The extension is forbidden to be done to people with hernia, fractures, hematomas.

Whether you know? One of characteristics of a human body is asymmetry. Therefore the right and left its parties have different flexibility.


For measurement of level of flexibility of a body there are several fiziko-dynamic factors: mobility, amplitude of the movement, speed of reaction and movement of muscles, narrow or broad orientation of the movement. Depending on objectives for achievement of these indicators there are several types of the extensions described further.


It is an extension at which the isolated muscle works. This look increases force of most reduced muscle agonist and active flexibility of a muscle antagonist which as much as possible stretches. Well will be suitable for a warming up before a training and also for a muscle strain after physical activities. It is remarkable the fact that the person uses force by means of hands or other auxiliary objects, and the muscle is immobilized. For example — sitting on a floor with direct legs, having clasped anklebones with hands, the athlete pulls the case to legs.


The same, as active stretching, but for application of loading will be required the partner. The duty of the athlete is to breathe and relax muscles deeply. Such type of an extension develops ability of muscles and joints to resist to external factors.

Important! Holding passive occupations will require the help of the trainer or partner who will make gradual physical impact on a body of human who is in a static pose. From the athlete it is required to breathe and relax muscles only deeply.

There is a combined loading type when two athletes apply an active and passive extension serially. For example — sitting on a floor, a foot legs direct are rested one against another, athletes join hands and in turn as much as possible bring up each other to themselves.

Video: passive extension


Exercises for a dynamic extension consist of swing coordinate movements. Movements are possible on the maximum allowed amplitude for this group of muscles or on shortened (slow, with accent, or fast movements). For example, it is any known to us from school physical education of the movement — moves hands in the parties, turns of the case with the hands extended in the parties, scissors, etc.

Video: dynamic extension


The type of an extension is very similar to dynamic, the main difference are wide elastic movements for achievement of the maximum amplitude. This look is rather injury-causing and is not recommended for beginners. The ballistic extension found the main application in martial arts. An example of such exercises — the repeated elastic movements of the case to toes.

Video: ballistic extension


Extension type at which the main loading throughout a long time (up to 1 min.) is directed to a muscle. Main emphasis on stretching and lack of pain. Favourite type of an extension of yogis and ballerinas. The twine is also one of exercises which is among static.

Important! For children useful static stretching will be hung on a crossbeam: besides reduction in a tone of most of groups of muscles, promotes increase in growth of a body.

Rules of an extension in house conditions

If you decided to learn exercises for stretching, but yet you have no opportunity to go to the gym, it is possible to begin to stretch at home. It is for this purpose important to follow some rules:

  1. Each occupation begins with warm-up.
  2. It is the best of all to hold home trainings in the evening as exercises promote full relaxation of a body and nervous system of the person, they are aimed at fatigue removal.
  3. To you it is not necessary to try to make for one training all types of exercises known to you, especially to beginners at all. Begin with the simplest exercises and gradually raise complexity level.
  4. Avoid sharp movements. You watch smoothness and accuracy of performance of each exercise not to do much harm to muscles and joints.
  5. At appearance of pain it is worth stopping occupations immediately.

Video: an extension in house conditions without mistakes

The main exercises on an extension of all body

Before starting an extension, it is necessary to prepare muscles and joints — to warm them a little. So, any convenient repeating movements on an order warm up phalanxes of fingers of hands, fingers of legs, a foot, hands, knees and elbows, shoulder joints, hips, at the end find time for a backbone and a neck. It is possible to spend 5 minutes of run or running on the spot with high raising of knees. Further we will consider exercises on groups of muscles.

It is important! To make a good extension, it is necessary to relax completely. Tight muscles hard last.

For a neck

It will be necessary to stretch muscles-sgibateli, the razgibatel rotating and oblique muscles, longitudinal sgibatel of a neck. In all exercises a starting position — sitting on a chair, a back equal, the shoulders lowered need to be done on 10 repetitions and to hold final situation 2 seconds:

  • front muscles of a neck (sgibatel) — throw back the head back, at the end of amplitude it is possible to push a chin finger-tips, return to a starting position.
  • back muscles of a neck, top of a back (razgibatel) — hands behind the head, the head incline before contact of a breast forward, at the end help hands, return to a starting position;
  • side muscles (longitudinal sgibatel) — serially incline the head to the left and to the right;
  • side rotators — serially rotate the head to the left and to the right;
  • cross-eyed sgibatel and razgibatel — turn the head on 45 ° to the left, then bend the left ear to a shoulder, after to the right and right ear to a shoulder.

For a back and a backbone

These exercises will help you to keep flexibility at any age, to prevent back and backbone pain and also will become good prevention of a number of diseases.

Important! The described exercises are recommended to be carried out in the evening.

If you have no contraindications (described above), then can start the following exercises:

  1. Sit down on a floor, having widely moved apart legs, and begin a back inclination down. At the same time you watch a chin — it has to be pressed to the neck basis that promotes the maximum extension of back muscles.
  2. Thanks to a form which is taken by a body during performance of the following complex of movements the exercise received the original name cat and camel. Its essence comes down to that, being on all fours to curve and bend a back. Its efficiency consists in involvement of three departments of a vertebra: cervical, lumbar and chest. We repeat 5–6 times.

For shoulders

It is possible to stretch humeral muscles also at home, the rug and a wall are for this purpose necessary.

Important! An optimal variant for a body warming up before such extension is run.

The following exercises will be useful:

  1. We stretch deltas. For this purpose as much as possible we press the right hand to the left shoulder, then on the contrary.
  2. Exercise a cover of hands consists in a training of the humeral rotator. For its performance by the right elbow it is necessary to be located on an internal bend of the left hand, and then will grasp with a brush of right, left for a wrist. Both hands have to be bent in elbows.
  3. Extension of shoulders can be done, leaning on a wall. For performance of exercise it is necessary to rest hands against a wall, having as much as possible brought closer brushes one to another. Then it is necessary to depart back, having pressed a chin to a neck and to begin extension of shoulders. Without tearing off hands from a wall, as much as possible cave in, it is possible to use a weighting compound (to put on a back) and to stay so several seconds.

For a thorax

We recommend several exercises for extension of muscles of a thorax:

  1. 2 weighting compounds (dumbbell) which need to be picked up will be necessary for performance of a task. We put legs at shoulder length. Taking a breath, we raise hands and we adjoin weighting compounds over the head. On an exhalation of a hand we lower. Repetition of 5-10 times.
  2. We lay down on a back, having picked up weighting compounds. Exercise comes down to at first to part hands to the level of shoulders, and then to move them to a breast and to cross. Then to lift over a breast and on already passable trajectory to return hands to an initial position.
  3. Sit down on a rug and bend hands vertically (humeral level). Your assistant has to deliver you weighting compounds on inside of elbows. A task — to part and cramp hands before a thorax (8–10 times).

Important! These exercises can serve as morning exercises or warm-up before the training.

For hands and for a wrist

Let's give the simplest exercises:

  1. Having accepted a pose a rack with legs at shoulder length, cross hands behind the back in the lock. On a breath bend a trunk a little forward, and raise hands up, opening palms. Detain in this position up to 10 seconds and come back to initial.
  2. It is necessary to unbend serially fingers from the palm back, and then sharply to squeeze and unclench a fist. Repeat up to 10 times.
  3. Pick up a ball for golf or tennis and squeeze about 2-3 minutes and unclench palms with a ball.

Video: general exercises for an extension of hands

Important! Making similar complexes of tasks, you not only will develop force, motility, coordination of movements, but also improve a condition of skin on hands.

For a press

Extension of muscles of a press can be executed as follows:

  1. Lie down on a rug, set palms against a floor, having directed fingers forward. Strain gluteuses and begin to come off slowly a floor the head, a breast and a stomach.
  2. Sit down on a chair, cross fingers of hands behind the head in the lock. Then we do inclinations to the right/to the left, being late for several seconds in each inclination.
  3. Starting position: standing with the legs divorced on 60–90 cm, hands on hips. Then begin to cave in back, at the same time push out hips forward, and incline the head back. Hands slide on hips.

For legs

Stretching for legs is aimed at extension of front, side, back surfaces of a hip and gastrocnemius muscles:

  1. Extension with one leg is in that to transfer one leg forward and to rise on a heel forward, and to bend another. Then to put hands on hips and to make an inclination forward, keeping ideally equal back. Then we pass to the second leg. It is necessary to make these movements about 5 minutes: they involve all muscles of a hip.
  2. For extension of gastrocnemius muscles it is necessary to find at first a support (for example, a wall). We bend one leg in a knee so that from a knee to a heel it was parallel to a wall, and another widely we take a step back, at first having risen on a sock, and then slowly falling by heels. At this moment gastrocnemius muscles stretch. Having performed a task, we change legs.

Whether you know? History of a set of exercises on flexibility began in Greece, migrated to India, China where these exercises became a basis of the doctrine of yoga and wushu.

For buttocks

Will help to stretch gluteuses and already mentioned exercises, but it is necessary to transform them a little:

  1. The attack already familiar to us for an extension of buttocks needs to be done by means of a support on which the leg, for example, a bench is put. It is especially important fact for those who do not know how to increase extension depth. As for a leg which behind, it needs to be bent that buttocks fell as low as possible that too promotes increase in depth of extension. Having reached the maximum tension, we fade for 5–10 seconds.
  2. Lying on a back, clasp with hands the right leg. Pull this leg towards a trunk, it is possible bent in a knee (so more simply) or holding directly (it is heavier option). The purpose is to press a leg to a trunk as much as possible.

Video: exercises on an extension of gluteuses

Effective exercises for a twine

There are two main types of a static extension twine — longitudinal and cross. Let's consider the most effective exercises which will help the beginning athlete to stretch out.

Important! Easy stretching increases temperature of tissues of muscles a little, also it promotes increase in resistance of muscle fibers to gaps and improves function of enzymes which regenerate energy.

For longitudinal

Ease with which experienced athletes stretch out — result of systematic and regular performance of a complex of preparatory exercises, namely:

  1. We accept an initial position legs at shoulder length, we level a back. Hands are cramped behind the back in a lock. It is necessary to try to make an inclination as low as possible before himself. Ideally — that the breast touched hips, at the same time a leg equal. To make in such pose of 5 respiratory cycles.
  2. Having sat down on a rug, bend one leg, and straighten another aside. Try that hips were half opened. Having adopted the provision, bend a back, it will not turn out to touch outer side of the left foot the right hand yet. Then we make the same with other leg.
  3. Exercise is done sitting, but at the same time both legs have to be divorced in the parties. Your task — to bend so that the breast was placed on a floor, and to be late on five cycles of breath.
  4. Also attacks belong to a stretching complex for a longitudinal twine forward — they will help to develop an extension of muscles and to get closer to desirable result. At first we do attack by the right leg, and hands we lean against a floor. We straighten the left leg behind so that the knee lay on a floor. In such position try to lean against a floor elbows and be late on 5 cycles of breath. Change legs.
  5. Effective method — power extensions. For their performance it is necessary to become exactly and to reduce feet. We begin with a raising of the right leg — for this purpose we move weight on left. Right we lift up — at first bent in a knee, then gradually straightening. At the same time it is necessary to grasp a leg thumb with a hand. When the leg is straightened up, it is necessary to hold the breath on 5 cycles, and then to change legs.
  6. One of the most approximate steps to a longitudinal twine — its vertical version. It is necessary for performance of a task, having risen in a direct position, to incline the case down so that he touched legs, and hands to lean against a floor. Then it is necessary to raise the left leg as much as possible up and to level, be late in a position on 5 breaths/exhalations and to change legs.
  7. Performance of a full-fledged twine is preceded by a twine with support. We do already familiar attack by the left leg. Then it is necessary to transfer weight to right which touches a floor a knee. Gradually it is necessary to straighten the right leg, having put a support under her hip (it is possible to curtail the rug). Later it is necessary to lower a leg on a support, to hold on in a position of 5 cycles of breath, further to do the same with other leg. Then do a twine without support.

Video: longitudinal twine

For a cross split

It is a little heavier to sit down on a cross split, than on longitudinal, but desire, persistence and regular exercises will promote it.

Important! Flexibility of a body at all people different. Someone stretches out a month of trainings later, and someone — later half a year and more. You remember it and do not exhaust the body excessive trainings.

So, what steps precede such type of a twine:

  1. Having widely parted legs and having developed them feet and knees outside, execute squats — on a breath we squat, on an exhalation we rise. Repeat 10 times.
  2. Standing on the left leg, right lift up, having bent in knees and having as much as possible extended foot. Then take a leg aside, having straightened it. 10 vypolneniye on each leg.
  3. Having placed widely legs, do inclinations by a trunk — to one, to other leg. At first during an inclination you have to touch a floor palms, then elbows, trying to reach a stomach hips.
  4. We squat on a rug so that legs were bent and most divorced in sides (ideally — on 90 °). At the same time raise basin. Then it is necessary to rest hands against a floor, it is desirable elbows. To detain a position for half-minute.
  5. Sit down on the left leg, and right extend aside. Put the right hand on a floor, near a leg, and begin to push out an elbow the knee outside, yet will not be felt tension in hip muscles. Be late in a position for a minute, then change legs.
  6. Effective exercise for a cross split — a butterfly. Sitting on a floor, it is necessary to part as much as possible legs, and then to bend them in knees so that feet touched the friend the friend. Such pose reminds yogichesky. Then try as it is possible to attract closer heels to itself, having pressed at the same time knees to a floor. Time for performance — 5 minutes.
  7. One more step on the way to a cross split — exercise fold. It can be carried out as in a position standing, and sitting. Essence: having accepted a standing position with reduced stupnyam, to do inclinations with the purpose to touch a floor fingers of hands. The same can be made and sitting. Main rule: ideally equal legs.
  8. In a position legs at shoulder length, we bend so low that elbows to touch a floor.
  9. Having executed a preparatory complex, it is possible to pass directly to a cross split. For its performance you need to sit down on hunkers and to lean against a floor hands, then to slowly move apart legs (they have to be straight lines). Do not set to yourself the purpose at once to concern a floor. If you feel that you stay in a point of the maximum tension, stop and stand for 10–15 seconds. Then come back to an initial position and repeat exercise.

Video: we stretch for a cross split

How often it is possible to do an extension

It is wrong to consider that in a week you will become the owner of a super-flexible body if to stretch every day several times: the rule the more the better here does not work. Remember that muscles have to adapt to new types of loadings, also they need time for rest. An optimal variant for rastyagivaniye — daily, but, it is necessary to train once a day, and no more. Effectively every day to change intensity of loadings, that is trainings have to be cyclic.

Whether you know? The flexibility of men is much less than flexibility of women.

Advice to beginners

Quite often beginners ask a question of how to improve flexibility of the body. There are several councils for beginners:

  1. If you decided to be engaged at home, carefully study rules of performance of each exercise and also safety measures.
  2. Before a training accurately be defined what muscles you will develop, and warm them.
  3. During an extension it is impossible to hold the breath to avoid oxygen starvation of an organism.
  4. Listen to the body — it will prompt to you when it is necessary to stop.
  5. If your purpose is to stretch out, you do not hurry and approach it gradually.
  6. It is impossible to try to make from the first day all that the trainer is able to do. Do not equal on someone and you do not chase their achievements. The main thing that you felt that today at you everything turns out much better, than yesterday.

As you can see, in a flash it is impossible to stretch out or become the owner of a flexible body.

Learn as it is correct to do an extension how quickly to stretch out in house conditions and how to improve an extension of legs in house conditions.

The way to such purposes consists of everyday trainings — it is worth carrying out gradually recommended sets of exercises, and even the most disobedient body will strike with the flexibility.

Video: an extension for beginners

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