Dumbbell exercises for the breast

Dumbbell exercises for the breast

Pectoral muscles are studied by means of the post, dumbbells, special exercise machines and push-ups. Dumbbells allow to combine reductions of muscles with their extension that forces muscles to work more effectively. For men, as a rule, it is more important to increase volume and to increase relief of chest area. For women just it is more important to support the upper pectoral muscle in the tone. Though some accumulation of its volume visually raises and increases the women's breast.


1. For study of the upper pectoral muscle with use of dumbbells it is necessary to carry out presses and distributings in prone positions on the horizontal bench and on the bench with bending of 30-45 degrees. The grip can be palms inside or palms in one plane. Alternate both options of the grip as they a little differently study muscles.

2. Carry out the press as follows. Take on dumbbell in each hand, bend hands so that dumbbells were over shoulders. On the exhalation squeeze out dumbbells up - so that they concerned each other, - slightly nedorazgiby elbows. Then slowly, on the breath, return to the home position. Throughout all movement consciously feel and strain pectoral muscles. Carry out the press, both on the horizontal bench, and on the inclined plane.

3. Surely do distributing. Take dumbbells, straighten hands perpendicular to the floor. On the breath slowly you part hands to the lowermost comfortable level, elbows are a little bent. Then it is also accurate, without sharp breakthroughs, on the exhalation raise hands in the home position, reducing dumbbells together. Perform exercise with different turn of brushes and change bending of the bench.

4. For additional study of the top part of the breast carry out "pull-over". Take one dumbbell two hands. Lay down on the horizontal bench. Raise hands perpendicular to the floor, elbows are a little bent and recorded in such situation. Slow, very accurately controlled movement lower hands for the head to the point which is for you the lowermost. Then slowly, without breakthrough raise hands up. The same movement can be done in the sitting position.

5. For men it is desirable to add options of the press and distributing on the bench with the return bending, i.e. the head has to be lower than the level of the basin. It allows to work the lower bunch of pectoral muscles.

6. Women can do swings with dumbbells in hands. Become exactly or sit down, straighten the back. Take on dumbbell in each hand and extend hands parallel to the floor. Carry out passers or circular motions by hands with small range.

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