How to be if the non-standard figure

How to be if the non-standard figure

It is allowed to have the ideal figure, unfortunately, not everything. People are ready to go for the sake of beauty on the various victims – from rigid diets to surgical intervention. But there is more sparing way to modify the non-standard figure – the correct selection of clothes.

Well picked up dress or suit radically can change your shape aside, close to the ideal. But for a start it is necessary to understand what to consider the standard. Notorious 90-60-90 is the standard of the model industry. And in life the people by nature meet such parameters extremely seldom. Statistics assures that them on the globe only 3 percent. How to be the rest? Someone own growth doesn't suit, someone the bust, someone is dissatisfied with the size of the waist or hips, at someone big shoulders, short legs, long hands. All this can be modified clothes.

Before going behind new clothes, it is necessary to define what type your figure.


The circle is the cornerstone. Available – the impressive breast, the pot-belly and lack of the waist. You shouldn't choose the fitting clothes, short tops, trousers with low landing.

Preference is given to dresses. They can be various styles (except fitting), with the cut the oval and the boat, with the overestimated waist and volume sleeves. Volume skirts with the wide belt will approach. If legs harmonious, it is possible to afford the short dress at which waist has to be overestimated too.


In the form it is close to the triangle, shoulders narrow, hips – wide. In principle, such figure looks quite harmoniously. It is worth avoiding wide shapeless clothes, various loose overalls. The slanting cut isn't welcomed too, as well as too large drawing. Dresses and skirts with the overestimated waist will approach most of all. Blouses of the empire style model with emphasis on the breast. Dressing of the top part shuttlecocks, ruches, interesting forms of cuts and the drapery is desirable. The fitted skirts, dresses and jeans will soften the silhouette and will enhance femininity.

The turned triangle

Proportions of the figure are displaced in the area of shoulders. Big shoulders – hips disproportionately narrow. You shouldn't wear magnificent volume blouses and to decorate top large elements. In this case the emphasis in clothes is placed on hips. The bottom is chosen flared, multilayered skirts will approach, it is good to emphasize the waistline with the belt. Your dresses – the flying skirts the sun flares, dresses expanded from the hip, fitting blouses with the narrow sleeve.


The "rectangular" figure differs in lack of the waist at the identical sizes of hips and the breast. You shouldn't wear dresses of direct breed. It is better to choose the fitted models or with folds from the waistline. Open shoulders, lace, the embroidery will help to counterbalance the image.


This type of the figure is considered ideal. The slender waist, width of shoulders is proportional to width of hips. It is possible to wear mini-skirts, pass jackets, tops, the fitted dresses, suits and the fitting jeans.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team