How to get to fall in love the man of Aquarius

How to get to fall in love the man of Aquarius

The people who were born from January 20 to February 18, according to zodiac signs, are Aquarius. They are open for knowledge, appreciate freedom, do not suffer coercion, are always interested in the new, unchecked ideas. Aquariuses cannot be squeezed in the framework limiting their independence, not only their wellbeing, but also happiness of people around is important for them.

In this article you learn about what girls can attract the man of Aquarius and what zodiac signs are compatible to it.

Aquarius: what it

The eleventh zodiac sign appreciates freedom and independence, constantly looks for nonconventional solutions of the known tasks long ago. People under this sign are the inventors, pioneers who are very developed spiritually. Among them there are a lot of thinkers and poets, usually spiritual singles, original seers. The sign differs in ability to think progressively, sometimes so that it is unclear for contemporaries.

The people who were born in this sign have a little head in the clouds. Though their intellectual level is high, ordinary affairs are absolutely uninteresting to them. Aquariuses participate in fight for high ideals, but often their plans are not realistic. Generally they are the good-natured people who are not interested in gossips, reluctantly show the feelings.

Impulsive Aquariuses, dynamic and nervous. They adapt to any situation, have excellent reflexes. Mostly their behavior temperamental, altruistic. They are extremely tolerant to other people, but undisciplined and rebellious, like to surprise. In character the inquisitiveness, inquisitive mind and unlimited thirst for knowledge about the world prevails.

General characteristics of the sign:

  • scientific analysis, tendency to experiments;
  • friendliness, kindness, sympathy, tranquility;
  • tendency to mystery and intrigues, endowments, originality;
  • eccentricity, romanticism, love of freedom;
  • independence, desire to solve social problems;
  • unindifference to glory, desire of an appreciation of the abilities;
  • tendency to policy, art and creativity;
  • external relaxedness and sociability, internal dispassionateness.

Important! For men of Aquarius important aspects of life are friendship and understanding therefore these men cannot consist in the union with painfully jealous women.


The brightest merits of men of this sign:

  1. Creativity. Many of them are brilliant inventors or researchers, they perfectly express themselves in creative professions.
  2. Originality. Like to stand out from the crowd, shock people with the appearance or behavior. They as the closed book, it is hard to say what they are actually.
  3. Independence. They love freedom and do not recognize restrictions. To work at office, without a possibility of trips, it not for them. In the relations they also have to be free, practically never look for the careful wife, and want to meet the unusual woman inclined to nonconventional arrangements rather.

Negative qualities

Sometimes it is difficult to take out Aquarius, especially it is promoted by his dark parties:

  1. Impracticality. Daily affairs — are not interesting to Aquarius at all, he will not begin to participate in cleaning, cooking or to shopping, the man just does not pay attention to this kind of occupations. He not always understands why the woman becomes angry that he forgot about her birthday or some other important date.
  2. Fanaticism. Sometimes the new idea is capable to take entirely reason of Aquarius, without leaving space for anything of another. Often men of this sign become fanatical followers of new religion or other principles which can be unpleasant for people around.

Whether you know? Famous people born under the sign of Aquarius: film actor John Travolta, football player Cristiano Ronaldo, great musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, singer Shakira.

What girls are pleasant to them

The man Aquarius is usually selfish, it is concentrated on itself(himself) therefore does not notice needs of the people surrounding it. It is independent, does not need in any help and councils, and it is capable to overcome the problems independently. Emotionally it is not too developed, the passion for it is unusual. Approaches assessment of people in terms of reason, but not heart. The woman's ideal for the man of this sign — not only the beautiful, but also clever, educated lady with whom it is possible to conduct long and interesting conversations. The most interesting to Aquarius is the woman who will be able to be an adviser on important questions and the inspirer to conquest of new tops.

This sign is extremely stable in the feelings. However it has a psychological barrier in expression of the feelings therefore he can look very reserved. Not in its character, despite all love and attachment to shower the girlfriend with compliments and passionate recognitions.

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What you should not do

It is impossible to look at the man of this sign with superiority, from top to down. It is not pleasant to it when the woman tries to limit its freedom. It is not necessary to control its acquaintances and communication with other people, it pushes away him. The Aquarius needs freedom because always wishes to stand out from the crowd. The woman should not limit the relations with Aquarius only to sex, it will force it to think that as the personality the lady is very superficial and uninteresting. This sign cannot say that its plans — a nonsense, but it is necessary to understand, share with it his desire of changes and continuous change of plans.

Whenever possible, the woman should not cling to it, trying to hold. Sometimes Aquarius also emotionally separates from the partner. Instead of attaching too serious significance to marriage and conventions, it is better for girl to emphasize the creative party, wit not to allow to weaken to its interest.

Important! Aquarius considers the pessimists disappointed in life liking to be cried extremely unattractive and pathetic. The lady should not be too jealous, pessimistic and closed.

How to win the heart of the man of Aquarius

The man of this sign needs the interested, enthusiastic listener, it wants to be the center of interests of the woman. Also he expects from the companion of creation of the warm and cozy house which will become a peace shelter among daily problems. If the woman does not want to frighten off Aquarius, she cannot obviously try to influence him and to put any pressure.

How to draw attention

The woman has to prove to be the independent and self-sufficient person, the optimist, not indifferent person ready to take part in correction of social diseases or to improvement of the environment. As Aquarius also the idealist also wants to change society to the best, he will be happy, having found in the woman of the adherent and the colleague.

How to behave with it

It is the best of all to give it total freedom and to be tolerant, he will estimate it. To the contrary, in exchange the representative of the eleventh zodiac sign will provide to the partner the same freedom.

He likes to be for the woman an idol, to receive a praise to the mind and unusual outlooks on life chosen by it to a way of life or the business created from scratch. The woman needs just to be attentive to this sign and to constantly surprise it with new, versatile lines of the personality.

How to get to fall in love

The Aquarius loves women who know how to tempt the man, force it to lose the head. He is an adherent of romantic appointments: candles, a moonlight, red roses and similar love scenery affect Aquarius as powerful aphrodisiac.

Whether you know? Astrology is a combination of two sciences, mathematics and astronomy.

Everything that is necessary for this man, is proximity with the partner. He does not care for erotic gymnastics and does not try to repeat all suitable positions from the Kama Sutra. The Aquarius appreciates intimate normality, avoiding perversions.

What it is possible to surprise with

The Aquarius loves flirtation, and art of seducing brings to perfection. The psychological aspect of flirtation and intellectual communication with again met lady is interesting to it. He will be pleasantly surprised and happy if the pleasant woman is the keen and interesting interlocutor.

How to marry

Independence — is important for the man of this sign, and he would like to keep it and in the relations with the woman. It instantly cools down as soon as hears the first phrases about a possibility of marriage, especially, if there passed not enough time from the moment of acquaintance to the girl. Not to frighten him, it is not necessary to bring up this subject at the first stage of the relations. If the relations between you become serious over time, the woman can offer the eleventh zodiac sign cohabitation not to frighten by marriage and not to put excessive pressure. Only not haste and time can bring the man of Aquarius to the REGISTRY OFFICE.

How to tame forever

For men of this sign intimate relations with the woman, without charm her as the personality are impossible. Therefore people of this sign late enter the constant love relations, at the same time having a great number of girlfriends. This person can look for all the life only.

His darling — not a sex bomb, not the vamp, and the female girlfriend, the lady to whom they could talk all night long, without having undressed. Of course, in a pursuit of the ideal described above Aquarius repeatedly checks for suitability of potential candidates on this way.

Whether you know? Happy stones for the people born under the sign of Aquarius is an aquamarine and amethyst.

On his belief, each woman can become an ideal, it is enough find to her the correct approach. Thanks to congenital modesty, Aquarius often misses an opportunity to check in practice the theories about relationship between the man and the woman. Sometimes subsequently he should regret for what did not happen.

Compatibility of different zodiac signs

Compatibility in the marriage union with other zodiac signs for the man of Aquarius:

Zodiac sign of the woman

Characteristic of compatibility



Both signs — very stubborn characters for whom freedom is very important. Both of them need the relations without obligations therefore do not clash with each other on this matter. They respond to needs of each other because those are in consonance to their desires.

Though Aquarius and the Aries in many respects differ in characters, deep understanding of requirements and differences of each other does them by good couple.


They compensate weaknesses of each other. Where Twins have a little head in the clouds, Aquarius brings stability. If the man loses in the begun business, Twins encourage him. These zodiac signs support each other and perfectly are in harmony in the intimate plan.

At these two zodiac signs good chances of the harmonious relations. Both signs belong to an element of air and constantly are in search of new impressions.


In respect of emotions both signs have to pay attention to the relations in addition. Pressing from Scales has to be careful not too to restrain independent Aquarius. Both of these signs — very independent persons not inclined to romanticism. The relations of these signs are substantially based on intellectual communication and identical assessment of vital values.

In general, these zodiac signs are well combined with each other.


The sign of Fish constantly needs confirmation that it is loved, and wishes to be closer to the darling. But this bouquet of emotions is too difficult for Aquarius, he feels connected.

In case of the love relations absolutely contradictory persons face. The Aquarius has very rational character, and Fishes are very emotional and sensitive.


The scorpion needs the rough, transient relations and wants to be closer to the partner. If the Scorpion is not confident in fidelity and feelings of the partner, he will become very jealous. The eternal novelty hunter — Aquarius cannot cope with it.

This communication will not be successful.


The man Aquarius often involves ladies with carefree and mild character. It always on the foreground has a friendship because in love it is defined long. But if it was defined, then everything occurs very quickly. The woman Lev is independent and generous. She likes to be the strong woman in a man's world. If it liked the man, as a rule, she will achieve him.

Signs do not suit one another because both that and other sign needs freedom and self-determination.


To Taurus it is difficult for woman to understand such relations, she will try to hold him for a long time, but it is unsuccessful. The Aquarius will quietly leave the partner even if she very much loves him. They are absolutely different: it needs unexplored tops, it cannot long remain on one place. Little bodies frighten sharp changes in life, she prefers stability. As a result, it — with friends in mountains, it — with tears in kitchen. Returning, Aquarius will not ask forgiveness.

Full incompatibility.


Their relations begin with friendship, gradually developing into understanding of each other without words. Periodically couple clashes, arguing the point of view. Quarrels take place violently, often come to an end with a clap with a door. Already the next day they will reconcile. Aquariuses are faithful to the love till the end, often after the divorce remain alone, and continue to love the couple.

Couple belonging to this sign have every chance of happy family life. Usually such relations — it is serious and for a long time, to them it is good, interestingly and quietly with each other.


These are the explosive relations. To Cancers heavy differences in mood are peculiar to women, and at the same time the owner of the sign has quite closed character. The man Aquarius — excentric. Rak does not feel with him in safety, does not know what to expect from the unpredictable partner. It causes concern of the girl Raka, she does not see a possibility of creation of the strong and long-term relations.

This union will not be successful, the woman Rak who is looking for stability will not find it in the partner.


The capricorn and Aquarius could be the best friends, but marriage, most likely, will not work well. All because the first — the stubborn pragmatist with conservative views on life, and another — the unruly adventurer and the judge of freedom. Both partners will be unsatisfied, which is not surprising, self-expression and discipline — incompatible concepts.

In family life the signs are not too compatible, but can be together if are more tolerant and indulgent each other.


These signs — two intellectuals who can talk for hours on different subjects. To them it will always be good together. Perhaps, in life there will be no prosperity, but it will always be interesting to them together. Besides, periodic thirst of activity of Aquarius will not allow to get bored to the Maiden.

The compatibility is very high, at the spiritual level. Usually marriage of these two signs is very successful.


Signs form the relations based on mutual understanding. These two signs the rebellious, uneasy and loving changes in life. They do not attach great value to money, as well as sex. The girl the Sagittarius is very similar to the partner. She also easily is fond, and it has thousands of the ideas, the majority of which it realizes in life. She is open, honest. Intimate relations can be hot, though a little unstable.

These two signs well get on, and their family relations can be very good if they respect personal space of each other.

Man Aquarius very versatile personality. It has a set of merits, but also there are also some negative sides of character. Therefore not all zodiac signs are suitable it for matrimony or partnership.

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