How to return the former form after the delivery

How to return the former form after the delivery

Unfortunately, during pregnancy of the shape of the women's body change — there is the excess weight, muscles of the stomach and the breast stretch. All these changes remain and after the delivery, bringing to the woman feeling of discontent and decrease in the self-assessment.


1. If during pregnancy you gathered too many extra kilos, quite possibly the thought of the diet visited you more than once. But you shouldn't limit at once sharply yourself in food. First, at you milk can be gone, and it will badly affect health and health of your child. Secondly, too sharp loss of weight can lead to the skin otvisaniye. Therefore just follow the principles of healthy nutrition. Eat as much as possible fresh vegetables and fruit, drink not less than 2 liters of water a day, don't eat after 6 in the evening. It is also worth limiting amount of sugar, oil, mayonnaise, pastries and sweets.

2. Very much also physical exercises which have to accompany your diet are important. Thus you will be able to replace fat deposits with muscle bulk, to take away the ugly tummy, to tighten skin of hands. If your childbirth took place easily, you can start exercise stresses in 6–8 weeks after the child's birth. If did you Cesarean section, it is possible to perform exercises about 2 months later.

3. Get up exactly, put legs shoulder width apart. Take in each hand on dumbbell and begin to rotate smoothly hands forward, and then back. Such exercise will strengthen muscles of the breast and hands.

4. To make the stomach and buttocks more attractive, get up exactly and slightly place legs. Now as much as possible strain belly and gluteuses. Be late in such situation for 10–15 seconds. Then you can relax and again repeat exercise.

5. Lay down on the plain surface. Begin to raise slowly legs until they aren't perpendicular to the body. Now also slowly lower them, trying not to touch by floor heels. In this situation be late for several seconds, and then completely lower legs. It exercises will remove excess folds from the stomach.

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