Sport and warm-up!

Sport and warm-up!

-up is very important and necessary element of any training. Warm-up prepares your muscles for the future loadings and protects from possible injuries. Warm-up promotes increase in blood circulation in muscles, increases body temperature, improves flexibility of muscles.

There are two types of warm-up: active and passive.

At active warm-up it is necessary to move within 5-10 minutes, to warm up joints, to knead easy loadings of a muscle. If you have some exercise machine (the exercise bike, the racetrack, etc.), it is possible to work on them within these 5-10 min.

If you long did not train, and suffer from severe pains in a back, then it is possible to put a warm hot-water bottle to the lumbar area (passive warm-up) and to take it there about 15-20 minutes. It is also possible to rub to the lumbar area balm or sogrevayushcheyu ointment. Rubbing in improves blood circulation too and prepares you for a training.

Every day the sport becomes more and more more available: new gyms open, new stadiums are under construction, various materials about sport are published in mass media. But for good result it is insufficiently simple to start going to the gym. It is necessary to follow certain rules:

  1. You watch loading. At the first symptoms of dizziness or an indisposition lose weight for trainings or do less approaches.
  2. Leave off smoking. Nicotine limits you and does not allow to be realized completely to your potential. Besides from smoking there is severe short wind disturbing trainings.
  3. Fresh air. Be engaged on the street or in well aired room. During the intensive trainings the organism more than ever needs fresh and clean air.
  4. Concentrate on exercises. Even if you have troubles or you with someone quarreled recently – do not allow bad thoughts to bring down itself from the correct way.
  5. Take a shower after classes.
  6. In jeans and shoes it is impossible to play sports at all, buy a good training suit.
  7. Make the suitable program of exercises.
  8. And finally, try to derive pleasure from sports activities.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team