That prevents us to be beautiful

That prevents us to be beautiful

All of us want to have the ideal sound body, but how many justifications we can find if only not to go to the gym! We plead children, fatigue after work, distance to the fitness studio, the hungry husband and the set of other ""circumstances"" which can forever separate you from the cherished dream about the slender body and the tightened tummy. Unfortunately, it is only psychological barriers which it is necessary to leave forever. So, let's consider the most popular excuses from the campaign to the gym.


The leader, certainly, is the phrase ""I was tired"". Of course, when around you the set of efforts: work, the house, family, turns in shop, traffic jams or cooking of food, it is difficult to force itself to go and play sports. It is better to lay down on the sofa and to look at the favourite television show.

Only incorrectly picked up mode or kind of activity can serve as the reason of fatigue and the febricula. All of us are divided by the physiological principle, there are ""owls"", and there are ""larks"". The first will always be sleepy since morning, and the last unconscious will come towards evening. Therefore define for yourself whom you are, and choose the training, according to these data. For a start the easy training, for example, swimming, bodibalans or stretching will approach. It is better to play sports right after work when the organism still keeps the tone and cheerfulness and it isn't ready for rest.

The second excuse – the gym very far

Unfortunately, the modern person seldom when is ready for overcoming long distances, especially when on the street the rain, snow, wind, or even the pleasant sunny weather.

As the reason for that serves the stereotype that sports activities demand exclusively professional devices and the special hall. That if it is far to you to reach the nearest fitness center, even usual active walking as an alternative can approach. For example, 8000 steps in the quiet mode can replace day to you school hours on exercise machines.

Besides the good training can be held even in house conditions, for squats, push-ups from the floor or, for example, from the chair, standard lunges and active arm movements no devices but only desire are necessary. Add to it favourite music, and already your home training a little in what differs from ordinary aerobics.

Sport - it is boring

We go further, the third popular excuse: physical exercises – it is boring. Many who hardly managed to come to the training in ten minutes begin to yawn or consider minutes up to the end.

The reason for that is banal – you chose the training, uninteresting for yourself. Before the occupations it is important to define the type of fitness really pleasant to you. It is important to remember that all people are divided into four types of temperament. Proceeding from it, choleric persons need to select active, vysokoemotsinalny trainings, it is desirable group which included the set of heavy traffics. Melancholiacs, on the contrary, prefer quiet and measured exercises which give the chance to collect the thoughts and to carry out movements carefully and precisely. Sanguine persons prefer active fitness, for example, aerobics, dances or capoeira more. Whereas phlegmatic persons prefer exercises on exercise machines.

The fourth excuse – I don't see results of the training

Warm up this statement by the thought-up examples that supposedly the girlfriend managed to lose weight in three weeks, and I am engaged the second month also all in any way.

The reason for that is in the same psychology. You just incorrectly set the goal, and don't know how to reach it. Better before the training to consult to the instructor who will tell you as it is possible to achieve the necessary results and will develop the set of exercises necessary for this purpose.

There isn't enough time

Well and in conclusion it is necessary to mention the main excuse which is used by many of us – there is no time for sport.

The reason for that not the correct planning of the daily schedule can serve banal. For some reason many are sure that the fitness demands a lot of time. But optimum to be engaged in the hall 2-3 times a week to receive the sound and attractive body. It is easy to allocate three hours a week for sport. Try to reveal the main ""murderers of time"" and to reduce this indicator. To it to ""squanderers of time"" the sit-round gathering on social networks or confused shopping can belong. Besides, you shouldn't forget that the family is the mutual aid, and therefore two-three times a week to prepare eat or be tidied up in the house the husband or the child can.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team