What is Sissi squats

What is Sissi squats

In spite of the fact that Sissi squats are not widespread among many athletes, not to do the real bodybuilders without them. About importance of this exercise for complex development of muscles of the lower extremities and also this review article will tell about subtleties of performance of such unusual squats.

What muscles work

This exercise as any another, promotes improvement of muscles of legs (also careful study of a zone of quadriceps is included here). However and today often Sissi squats are left without necessary attention.

The main effect consists in the strengthened impact on muscles of legs. Generally it is the share of a quadriceps, but the strongest loading nevertheless is fixed in the lower part of a muscle. In addition muscles of a back part of a hip, buttocks and also sural participate in performance of squats. Besides, you should not forget that exercise rather seriously loads a knee joint and adjacent connecting fabrics.

Important! Sissi squats create increased load on a knee joint therefore exercise is contraindicated at any diseases and injuries of this zone.

Advantage of exercise

In spite of the fact that Sissi squats are not the main exercise for development of muscles of legs, in a complex training it is included nevertheless by many professionals and amateur athletes of different levels. Athletes manage to increase efficiency of general exercises that positively affects on the general sports results. Use as in the beginning, and at the end of a training.

Learn, than squats are useful to an organism of men and women and also get acquainted with the main technicians and rules of squats.

Working with the minimum weight (and often only with own) such squats promote:

  • to careful and effective warm-up of legs before work with heavy weight, including before raising of a bar;
  • corrections of a form and proportions of legs;
  • to formation of an ideal relief of legs;
  • to reduction of fat deposits in the lower belt of extremities and also a knee joint and hips;
  • to strengthening of muscles of a backbone, basin, hips;
  • to endurance training;
  • to improvement of flexibility of joints;
  • to study of an ankle joint that rather often renders the cumulative positive effect on the athlete's muscles after performance of general exercises;
  • to involvement in work of those muscles which often work passively;
  • to achievement of a necessary sports tone before capture of heavy weight (at the beginning of the training).

Whether you know? The owner of the most brawny legs in the worldthe American bodybuilder Volume Platz is one of the main fans and Sissi's popular writers of squats among athletes worldwide.

Performance variations

Many athletes with neglect treat performance of this exercise as rather often it demands from the athlete of excellent coordination and quite good skill. But today, besides classical option of performance of these squats, bodybuilders created several its variations worldwide at once.

Read how it is correct to carry out the Bulgarian squats, frontal squats with a bar, squats with a bar on shoulders.

Most often Sissi carry out:

  • by means of a bar on Smith's exercise machine;
  • with dumbbells (at the taken-away hands for a back);
  • holding pancake or a dumbbell on a breast;
  • in a frame with a bar and an athletic belt;
  • with a rope handle at the top block.

Video: The variation of performance of Sissi of squats needs to approach the choice of a variation of Sissi with extra care and only after definition of the main task of exercise. If you plan to warm an organism before the main training, the loading option with a bar will be the most optimum. If you want to finish high-quality study of legs and to increase their relief, the choice needs to be stopped on a variation with dumbbells.

Whether you know? According to one of statements, of Sissi squats received the name thanks to an unusual shape of a body of the athlete at performance of exercise, a so-called pose Sisyphus (this is the martyr from Ancient Greek mythology doomed to work in the kingdom of the dead).

Equipment of a squat

Sissi without preliminary working off of the equipment and the main movements of exercises is not strongly recommended to carry out. Because this squat demands from the athlete of excellent balancing of a body, at inept performance the thirst for a beautiful body can lead to serious injuries of the musculoskeletal device. The question is particularly acute for the athletes using a bar which, as we know, is considered rather injury-causing apparatus in trainings. Irrespective of whether you squat with a bar, dumbbells or at all without additional weight, the main technology of performance of Sissi consists of the following stages:

  1. To rise exactly before a steady support, having rested against it one hand (when performing squats with dumbbells behind the back the rack is not necessary). Most often exercise is carried out near the Swedish wall, but as a support any steady construction will approach.
  2. If to carry out exercise with a weight, then it is necessary to take it so that load of a body extended evenly. During the work with a bar shoulder a shell (in case of work with hand dumbbells with weight hold on the parties or take away for a back). If you work with small weighting, as cargo it is possible to use pancakes for a bar. At the same time cargo is put on a breast, and hands direct for deduction of pancakes forward.
  3. To put legs at distance in 25-30 cm or to connect them together (heels and socks have to be built to the uniform flat line). For convenience under heels it is possible to put a small support (no more than 3-5 cm) which will also give to squats of bigger efficiency.
  4. Keeping the accepted position of a body, to sit down slowly, at the same time the case needs to be inclined slightly back. To begin the movements of a body with hips, smoothly bending a coxofemoral joint and transferring body bulk to heels.
  5. Having reached buttocks of a zone of knees, it is necessary to raise a body in the top point. At this stage surely you watch that knees and a back kept equal situation, otherwise not to pass an injury of joints.
  6. On reaching the top point to repeat squat.

It is important! As exercise is considered warming, it is necessary to study legs by means of Sissi of squats only after the general warm-up. Otherwise the training can end with a serious trauma, including knee or talocrural joints.

Video: Technology of performance of Sissi of squats

Secrets and subtleties

Qualitatively and effectively to carry out Sissi sets, there will be not enough knowledge of only one technology of performance of exercise.

It will be for certain interesting to you to learn how quickly to pump up legs.

Therefore each athlete before performance of squats needs to study the recommendations of professional bodybuilders, namely:

  • it is necessary to squat as it is possible more slowly, avoiding sharp breakthroughs;
  • during approach the body weight has to be most postponed for heels;
  • in the lower point of squats it is not recommended to fail hips;
  • it is worth paying additional attention to breath: it is necessary to unbend knees on a breath (while the breath has to fall on bending);
  • before starting capture of additional weight, it is necessary to fulfill ideally rules of squats with small weighting;
  • such equipment will be the most effective in the middle of training process or at the end, in the finishing cycle of exercises;
  • the number of approaches at a training should not exceed 3-4 till 10-20 times;
  • the body has to be in the lower point no more than 1-2 seconds;
  • as the main signal of requirement to finish a set from repetitions serves sharp burning in a quadriceps;
  • if squats are followed by pain or unpleasant feelings in a knee joint, it is necessary to stop immediately a training and it is obligatory to address physicians for consultation.

Important! Sissi sets do not promote a set of muscle bulk, and in certain cases can even lead to reduction of volumes of muscles.

Sissi of squat is rather simple, but at the same time an effective method of high-quality study of muscles of legs that gives to a quadriceps zone more athletic building. Today several types of performance of exercise are known at once (both with an additional weight, and without it). But that desire to reach an ideal shape of a body did not turn into a serious trauma, before Sissi's performance it is necessary to master the main subtleties of the technology of these squats.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team