Whether Cindi Crawford's trainings are so good?

Whether Cindi Crawford's trainings are so good?

Trainings can be read out from Cindi Crawford one of the most popular. Cindi – world renowned model which in the nearly 50 years has the slender and sports body. Its main trainings "The secret of the ideal figure", "How to reach perfection" and "Cindi Crawford: new measurement" was sent in broad sale 15 years ago, but still are in great demand among persons interested to lose weight and find the slim figure.

As for the training "The secret of the ideal figure", is two foty-minute trainings and the fifteen-minute mini-complex. For strengthening of hands and the back dumbbells are necessary, legs work without burdening. Cindi at these trainings works with dumbbells weighing 2 kg, beginners are recommended to take kilogram dumbbells.

This training of Cindi can be carried to power aerobics which is liked to be taught in fitness clubs. But here warm-up at Cindi peculiar reminds the extension more. It isn't necessary to raise pulse during warm-up. As exercises on legs are done without burdenings, strong fatigue and weight isn't felt, and pulse is far below the zhiroszhiganiye zone. For those who doesn't know, fat begins to be burned actively during the active work of pulse, these are from 60 to 90 percent from maximum. In this training of Cindi does many leg swings, but their purpose not in acceleration of pulse as for this purpose there aren't enough repetitions. More likely, Cindi suggests to work the statics of hips and buttocks, but actually muscles work here indifferently unless the hip quadriceps.

From this it is possible to draw the conclusion that "legs" in this training are intended for beginners. Exercises for hands and the back quite standard – push-ups, dumbbell presses from the breast, thirst for the belt in bending. For continuing active trainings and having physical training of weight it is worth increasing.

For Cindi's press offers usual twisting, but in the training she misses very important point: it is difficult to achieve the flat stomach if to do exercises with the protruding stomach. At the press rating the stomach in has to be always tucked. Cindi doesn't mention it.

To what the conclusion follows from all this? The training "The secret of the ideal figure" is good only for beginners, it allows to strengthen muscles and to prepare them for work. For those who continue to be engaged it is necessary to increase weight and to add weighting on legs during swings. It is good to alternate this training to half-hour jogs.

"New measurement" - one more training of Cindi which is directed to recovery of the body after the delivery. Here exercises on combustion of fat, cardioloading in the form of jumps, hops are added to usual power exercises.

At the expense of these interval kardio loadings, pulse appears in the zhiroszhiganiye zone. Really, this training well is suitable for growing thin. But again the same problem with legs, exercises for advanced are too easy. It is better to alternate this training to "The ideal figure" or to carry out three times a week. It is better to add run in two weeks after the beginning at once not to overtire.

"How to reach perfection" - one more program directed to restoration after the delivery. Here Cindi offers three complexes. The program quite short, and for trainings which aren't connected with restoration of the figure it is possible to recommend only all complex at once, separately to sense will be a little. Though this training also positions itself as the mix kardio and forces, kardio intervals quite short here, pulse will hardly get to the zhiroszhiganiye zone.

As a result, one may say, that all videos by Cindi are shot very professionally, esthetically beautifully and invitingly. Looking at its trainings, the quite good motivation to sports activities appears. All exercises are explained by easy and available language. For beginners of the training of Cindi will be suitable very well, and here for those who in sport or at least fitness not the first day, are the best of all to combine Cindi's trainings with more intensive aerobics and to take more powerful dumbbells. Then fat will leave quicker, and the body will become relyefny.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team