What aquarium fishes breed caviar

What aquarium fishes breed caviar

Creating the ecosystem as close as possible to the native habitat in the aquarium, it is possible to induce fishes to spawning. To be engaged in cultivation of small fishes not easy, but it is very fascinating and it is even profitable.

It is rather easy to part some species of viviparous fishes. It is much more difficult to wait for spawning of fishes who throw caviar and to receive a brood of whitebaits from berries. Very many species of aquarian fishes lay caviar to receive posterity. Small fishes can disseminate caviar among seaweed, on soil or stones, to dig in it in silt or to build foam nests and to store berries in them.

Fishes who care for the posterity treat group "parental ikromechushchy". Among them there are small fishes who carry in a mouth of the whitebaits.

Simple small fishes in cultivationMakropoda. Very simple in leaving and cultivation of a small fish. This the first breed which began to be contained and made multiple copies in an aquarium that speaks about her indiscriminateness and extreme adaptability. For reproduction couple is separated in a spawning area, of 5-10 which is plentifully planted with plants. Water temperature is increased by only one degree. To steam feed only with a live forage. Soon the male begins to build a nest of bubbles and seaweed on a water surface. When the female throws caviar, the male itself displays it in a nest. Then the female and a male for safety are otsazhivat. In two days from berries whitebaits appear.

Speckled somik. Interesting, peace and unpretentious breed of aquarium fishes – speckled somik or koridoras speckled. They can be made multiple copies in the general aquarium, but it is better to transplant in a special spawning area with the clear aerated water, with the temperature of 18-20 °C. For spawning take one female and two – three males. Individuals are fed kaloriyno. The spawning area is placed in the darkened and quiet place. Next morning the female pastes the impregnated berries to stones and on aquarium walls. Parents surely are otsazhivat at once. Berries develop independently, in 7-10 days from them whitebaits hatch.

Spawning fastidious personsSkalyariya. As well as all representatives of family tsikhlid, skalyariya are exacting to purity and temperature of aquarian water. Considering their irregular shapes of a body and the considerable sizes, aquariums have to be large volumes. Same treats also a spawning area. Before spawning the water temperature is increased to 30 °C, add distillate. As spawning substrate in an aquarium place a piece of a ceramic tile or artificial leaves. From pack of fishes of steam, ready to spawning, separates, independently choosing each other. Couple is replaced in a spawning area, feed with a live forage, but without overfeeding. In two days the female lays caviar, creeping on a belly. A male, following it, impregnates caviar. Within two days of steam ventilates caviar with fins and eats not impregnated berries. Then substrate with caviar needs to be shifted in a nursery aquarium. Adult individuals are not touched at the same time, they badly transfer frequent change. In 6-8 days, whitebaits appear.

From a berry at first larvae which cannot be fed, and only are pecked out when little small fishes begin to swim independently, they are called whitebaits, and they can already be fed up.

Neon. Reproduction of blue neon – laborious work, and cannot remove young growth of red neon sometimes even to experienced aquarians. For a spawning area choose capacity from whole glass, disinfect it, put substrate of the Javanese moss or a nylon putanka on a bottom, fill in the distilled water. Surely use the aerator. Couple is transplanted separately at the lowered temperature in 22 °C and plentifully feed. The spawning area is shaded paper from all directions, warm up water to 25-26 °C. The rigidity has to be 6.0 rn. Start couple. After spawning, caviar is besieged under substrate, and small fishes are otsazhivat, and substrate is accurately taken out. Whitebaits arise for the fifth day. And their cultivation – even more difficult procedure. Also caviar such widespread species of aquarian fishes as cockerels postpone, barbusa, danio, antsistrusa, guram and many others.

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