How to do piles

How to do piles

The pile allows to give volume to any hair and to create effective hairstyle in house conditions. However when beating curls it is necessary to follow some rules to avoid loss and fragility of hair.

It is required to you

  • — hairbrush with not sharp rare teeths and the thin handle;
  • — hairbrush with frequent teeths.


  1. Wash up hair just before the beginning of laying. Hair have to be ideally clean and easy, otherwise the pile will fall down under weight of slippery oily hair. Dry up hair phenom, raising roots — hang the head and throw locks on the person. It is impossible to comb wet hair as they more brittle and easily break.
  2. Separate lock in 0.5-1 cm depending on thickness and density of hair. Leave upper row in 1 cm untouched for cover of the combed locks. So the hairstyle will look naturally and accurately. Place the selected lock between fingers on the middle of length of hair and delay it perpendicular to the head or in that direction in which there will be accent in hairstyle.
  3. Begin to comb hair unsharp movements of hairbrush with small teeths lock behind lock. Give preference to crests from natural materials (tree, bristle) to avoid excess load of hair. Do not comb curl from tip to root at once. You drive hairbrush from outer side of hair, at distance of 5 cm from roots and in process of knocking down of hair move ahead above. Teeths of crest should not act from reverse side of curl. Strongly it is not necessary to tear up hair. At the correct backcombing on hairbrush there will be no pulled-out hair left.
  4. Make pile of several locks on the top if you have long hair and you want to give them volume and to leave dismissed. In case not the dense pile is required, then process only lock inside.
  5. Smooth hairbrush with rare teeths the confused layer of hair. But at the same time do not do sharp strong movements by crest as hair need be not to combed but only to give them the form.
  6. Cover pile from above with direct lock of hair. Fix tips by hairpins. Sprinkle hairstyle hairspray. Be not overzealous with the fixing means — pasting of hair complicates their disentangling.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team