How to force itself is not much

How to force itself is not much

Often banal overeating is the reason of fat folds and excess weight, and as a result - low self-assessment and constant stresses. Stresses in turn are also quite often treated by harmful goodies, and sometimes it seems that this vicious circle cannot absolutely be opened! However, having shown certain will power, the food can be made various and moderate, and figure - harmonious and tightened. So, how is less?


1. First, listen to the organism. What products cause in you weight and problems with digestion? Find forces to refuse them and to replace with something easier and useful. For example, replacement of fat milk by fat-free will be reflected in flavoring feelings absolutely slightly, but will significantly facilitate work of your digestive system. Also choose cheeses with the smaller content of fat, refuse fried meat, and instead get the double boiler or fall in love with stewed dishes.

2. Learn to combine correctly dishes - more usefully (and is much more tasty!) to use proteins and ""heavy"" carbohydrates separately. Meat needs to be served with the fresh or slightly processed by steam vegetables, and from habitual garnish in the form of starches (potato, rice) it is worth refusing - such load of stomach is excessive and he sends undigested food further on intestines, becoming the reason of accumulation of toxins and processes of rotting.

3. Reduce habitual portions at first in one and a half, and then twice. Eat them slowly, carefully chewing food and enjoying its taste and aroma. Surprisingly, but even when you are hungry, have started meal and have received necessary amount of nutrients, the brain is capable to understand it far not at once but only in 20, and even all 30 minutes! Therefore slow acceptance of food - the first step to sound body and the balanced food without overeating.

4. Think and estimate in what atmosphere you have usually breakfast, you have dinner or you have supper. It has to be silent, pleasant and quiet. It is good if around there is a lot of space and light, in such atmosphere you will not hurry and will longer enjoy meal. Try not to turn on the TV and the music - it distracts brain, and as a result you is imperceptible for itself eat much more.

5. Drink large amount of water - very often our organism takes feeling of thirst for hunger and we try to get rid of this feeling though some having a snack when for couple of hours one glass of water without gas can saturate us! Do not drink cold drinks right after food - scientists have proved that it is capable ""to push"" just arrived food further on digestive tract, and it just does not manage to be digested. The feeling of hunger in that case comes much quicker, and as a result comes to an end with obesity.

6. The most dense acceptance of food is breakfast. Even if you have got used to drink one cup of coffee, begin to increase gradually portion of diet for breakfast. At first cook for yourself porridge or muesli and eat them, even without hungering - carbohydrates will not allow to get hungry till the lunch and will load with energy. Then add cheese piece, then and fruit. So you accustom themselves not to eat too much during lunch and dinner. Eat more often, but in absolutely small portions - it will adjust work of stomach and intestines, and food will be digested quickly and easily.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team