That it is better for suntan: oil or cream

That it is better for suntan: oil or cream

The sun, the sea, beach — more than nothing is necessary for great rest. All this is good, but you should not forget about worthy protection of skin. Now in shops of cosmetics there are all necessary means for safe suntan. So do not forget them to get and to take in holiday.

There is the whole series of various means for protection of skin. Various components of chemical and biological origin which preserve skin against bad influence are their part.

Whether solar bathtubs are harmful to skin?

You should not perceive suntan only as negative process. In moderate quantities it is even useful to organism as under the influence of sunshine biologically active agents are formed. They improve work of endocrine glands, metabolism and stabilize nervous system. As a result the human body becomes more protected.

What suntan preparations are effective?

The most demanded for acceptance of solar bathtubs are cream and oil. And it means that this two views cosmetic product are most effective. They are in great demand.

Cream for acceptance of solar bathtubs

The similar stimulator of suntan will help skin to take only the most useful substances, for example vitamin D from warm beams. And also it will in addition protect from negative consequences. Special substances which do not allow ultraviolet rays to get into skin deeply are part of such suntan preparation. It is possible to call these components chemical filters. They also reflect sunshine. At the expense of it it becomes completely protected from ultraviolet and parallel to open for uniform bronze shade.

Oil for suntan

Having chosen similar nutritious liquid for the body, you remember that such cosmetic contains minimum of protective components from the sun. Oil is applied most often to strengthening of already existing suntan to set result. At the moment there are enough similar cosmetics for acceptance of solar bathtubs. Oil can be bought as on the basis of natural components, and chemical. They considerably differ at the price. But if you do not save on the health, then it is the best of all to buy natural oil. It is made on the basis of useful herbs. Oil liquid is instantly absorbed in skin. It should be noted that the most effective remedy cream for suntan is considered. And it is possible to apply oil as it well nourishes skin to fixing of result. Both means are to some extent effective, but cream possesses more powerful protection against sunshine.

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