How many the permanent make-up of eyebrows keeps

How many the permanent make-up of eyebrows keeps

of modern life forces people to look for all new ways and opportunities to spend as little as possible time for any procedures. It was one of the reasons of emergence of permanent make-up.

What is permanent make-up of eyebrows

The permanent make-up is long-term make-up. Put it by means of introduction under skin of small amount of enzyme of necessary color. As a result of part of the face, for example: eyes, eyebrows get more accurate expressive contours. The permanent make-up usually from several months to several years keeps.

When performing permanent make-up of eyebrows under skin enter small amount of dye. At the same time try to trace accurate contour of eyebrow, considering wishes of their owner. If necessary, by means of permanent make-up, density eyebrows can add, to make them more dark color or on the contrary.

The permanent make-up of eyebrows is necessary not only for correction of form and brightness of this part of eye, but also will help the women having by nature very pale eyebrows to make them brighter.

The permanent make-up does not wash off or means for removal of make-up, is resistant to temperature differences or any adverse manifestations of weather conditions. All these factors I do permanent make-up by valuable find for many women.

The permanent make-up of one eyebrow makes about 40 minutes.

As do permanent make-up

Very important point before that, how to make permanent make-up of eyebrows, is the choice of shade of the painting pigment. How there was a wish to make the person more expressive, it is impossible to choose the shade cardinally different from color of your hair for eyebrows. Before starting directly make-up, the master does the temporary marking defining future contour of eyebrows. It is possible to execute permanent make-up of eyebrows in one of two the technician. It can be shading which represents the soft line allocating eyebrow contour, or hairpin permanent make-up. He assumes portrayal of hairs of eyebrow in the course of work. At what they can differ both on length, and on width. It is very important that the master has achieved symmetry, tracing each eyebrow. As at emergence of mistake, it will be rather difficult to correct it. Pay attention that there is number of diseases in the presence of which, the permanent make-up is contraindicated. Carry to such diseases: bad blood clotting, epilepsy, mental disorders, the lactation period, sharp inflammatory processes in organism. How many to time does the permanent make-up of eyebrows stick? This make-up remains on face long enough - average 1-2 years, sometimes till 4 flyings. At the same time over time the pigment under skin begins to become colourless and disappear. There is it unevenly, sometimes leaving spots on eyebrows. Therefore through certain period the correction of make-up can be required.

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