How to bring up the child with deviations in development

How to bring up the child with deviations in development

Parents have mixed feelings, having learned that their child has deviations in development. The unwillingness to agree with a verdict of physicians struggles with feeling of despair. However the belief comes over time that your kid is similar to all other children. Only it needs more love and cares. How to bring up the special child? How to adapt him in society?


1. Try to get rid of own inferiority complex. Do not look for the or medical fault in what happened. For you the long-awaited kid all the same will remain to the loveliest and beautiful. Do not project on him the offenses at the happened injustice, unrealized ambitions.

2. You look at individual opportunities of the child (without overestimating them). Save him from excessive guardianship of you, you do not seek to hide from the world around. Believe that even the most helpless kid is much stronger, than it seems to his parents. He is capable to take care independently of himself, and your direct fundamental parental obligation to teach him to it.

3. Encourage activity of the little person in all areas of her life. Give him an opportunity for self-realization, release from yourself more safely, remaining the very first and his main friend and the defender. The your relations are more confidential, the more successfully there will take place further rehabilitation, and the you will make great progress.

4. Do not become isolated in the narrow circle. For successful physical and moral training the kid needs preservation of active contacts of family with friends, colleagues, relatives. Do not hesitate of the situation, and all is more courageous together you leave in society. Circles, feasible sports classes and competitions, trips and excursions first of all teach communication with peers. You will be proud of progress of the baby soon even if they not in that measure of what you dreamed originally.

5. Use everything to keep composure in family. The most favorable atmosphere for overcoming a disease and all-round development of the personality is only this way created. The more between close people, the education of the special child is more successful than mutual aid and support.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team