How to make a daily routine to the child

Competently organized day regimen – guarantee of good health and harmonious development of the child. At the correct parental approach the kid will quickly obey to a certain schedule and willingly will observe it. To build a daily routine for the child, it is important to consider some basic principles.


1. At the child who goes to kindergarten the day regimen is adjusted and established. If he is brought up houses, for example, by the grandmother or the nurse, it is required to regulate classes, games, walks, a dream that the kid well developed and did not get tired.

2. The first that needs to be considered by drawing up a children's day regimen, is the necessary duration of a dream within a day. For children from 1 to 3 years it is 13-14 hours, from 3 to 7 years – 11-12 hours. From them not less than 1.5-2 hours have to fall on a daytime sleep.

3. The next important point – the number of meals. Children of their preschool age need not less than 5-6: breakfast, the second breakfast (juice, fruit), lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and, for example, glass of milk before going to bed.

4. Walks and games in the fresh air are very important for health of the child. When planning a day regimen take away for them not less than 3-4 hours. In bad weather it is easy to replace festivities with games and classes of the house.

5. Take as a basis a daily routine in kindergarten: a breakfast – games, walks, classes – a lunch – a dream – games – an afternoon snack – games, walks, classes – a dinner. It is better to devote evening to silent low-active classes, and at night, certainly, to sleep.

6. Use as a sample an approximate daily routine of the preschool child in which needs of the child for food, a dream and stay in the fresh air are considered: Rise, washing, morning exercises 7.00-8.00zavtrak 8.00-8.30zanyatiya, walks, games 8.30-12.30obed 12.30-13.00son 13.00-14.30zanyatiya 14.30-15.30poldnik of a 15.30-16.00progulka, game 16.00-19.00uzhin 19.00-19.30tikhy games, classes 19.30-21.00nochny dream 21.00-7.00

7. But it is also necessary to consider features of the kid, including his biological clock. Correct the schedule depending on that, "lark" your child or "owl". It is possible to accustom the kid to such schedule if parents observe a certain day regimen.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team