How to decrypt the password

How to decrypt the password

Decrypt the password, for example, from icq, it is possible by imposing of specially generated line including information of UIN – the password and CryptIV value. At interpretation it is necessary to consider the return order of data storage in memory.

It is required to you

  • - Hex-editor


1. Start any Hex-editor, for example, of HexWorkshop. It is possible to download it on website Interpretation of the password by means of this program represents imposing on the password of a certain line when using bit-by-bit XOR. Contents of the generated line completely depend on UIN for which own password and individual values of the CryptIV parameter are inherent. All this information is stored in the DAT file.

2. As the word is stored in memory upside-down, i.e. with the bytes rearranged senior and younger, miss the first two characters - zero byte and the following byte. Work with the following four characters which are CryptIV value. This value in icq forms DWORD, in the DAT file is kept in the same format, as well as in memory.

3. Having passed office fields and the subsequent four bytes, be delayed on a line of 16 bytes which included digits and letters from a to f. It is also the coded password transformed by ICQ to a hexadecimal system.

4. Generate a line which in a consequence and will be imposed on the coded password from UIN and CryptIV. Designate it as XORKey. Take the source text of the module of the program written on Pascal or the Delphi, (it is generated by XORKey) and also impose on the coded password. Start decoding process.

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