How to make a dry salting of fish

How to make a dry salting of fish

Today the rare holiday does without salted fish. Most often hostesses serve the trout, a salmon and a humpback salmon bought in shop on a table. Why to spend funds if it is possible to prepare tasty fresh-salted fish independently?

The dry salting of fish is most quicker carried out. Besides, this product has rather firm texture that allows to use fish for preparation of a canape, sandwiches, sushi and rolls from a lavash.

How to prepare fish for salting

The recipe of a salted fish provides use of a tablespoon of salt and sugar on kilogram of fillet. If there is no opportunity to buy fillet, it is possible to prepare it independently.

At fish cut off the head, a tail part, fins. Having cut a belly, take out an entrails. Then, by means of a knife clean a carcass from scales and wash out fish in cold flowing water. Having made an incision a carcass along the ridge, take out a spine bone, having slowly pulled for it. The majority of costal bones will separate together with the ridge. The remained stones can be removed by means of tweezers. If fish is planned to be used for preparation of sandwiches, you shouldn't flay with it. Thus, fillet will keep the form and will be exposed much easier to cutting. It is better to cut the prepared fillet pieces, approximately identical by the size. Fish is washed out once again under a stream of cool water and dry tissues.

How to salt fish

After excess moisture is removed from fish, fillets evenly sugar and I will merge. It is possible to rub to taste a small fish with a sprinkling red or black pepper, to add to capacity bay leaf, dry fennel, 2-3 gvozdichka. It is better to use glasswares for salting fish. Metal capacity is oxidized and spoils taste of fish. Process of salting will go much quicker if to press down fillet cargo. Therefore densely cover fillet with a polyethylene film and put from above something heavy, for example, the saucepan filled with water. During a salting the fish incorporates so much salt how many it is necessary. You shouldn't be afraid to put too much salt in a product. It is possible to eat fish already next day. Fillets get from under oppression and wash out from residues of salt and sugar under cold water. Fish dry napkins and remove in the fridge. It is recommended to store fish of a house salting only 2-3 days. Therefore you shouldn't stock up with a salted fish for the future. If fish seems a little saltish, it is possible to get rid of excess salt, having filled in ready fillet with vegetable oil. In 1-2 hours it is possible to get fish from oil and to shift in the plate covered by napkins. Fat will quickly be absorbed in paper, and the small fish impregnated with oil will become much more tasty.

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