How to make sauce for rice

How to make sauce for rice

There is great variety of recipes of various sauces. Hot or cold, red or white. Sauce in fact the same sauce only has other household name. Therefore appointment at it just the same, as well as at sauce – to make a dish more tasty, more appetizing and is more juicy. Sauce can turn simple boiled rice into a refined dish. The main thing choose what sauce you want to make. And here several light recipes.

It is required to you

  • forcemeat
    • sunflower or olive oil
    • onions
    • garlic
    • mushrooms
    • cream
    • soy-bean sauce
    • seasonings
    • salt
    • pepper
    • meat
    • carrots
    • tomato paste or ketchup
    • flour
    • sour cream
    • tinned tomatoes
    • squid


1. Buy a little fresh forcemeat (mix beef and pork, will also approach chicken) and fry it in a frying pan. It is the best of all to fry forcemeat on sunflower or olive oil. With forcemeat add the onions cut by ringlets to a frying pan. After onions gain light-golden color add slightly boiled and sliced champignons or any other species of mushrooms to a frying pan (it is possible preserved). Fry everything within fifteen-twenty minutes, carefully mixing forcemeat, onions and mushrooms. Later add a little cream and a soy-bean sauce. Season with dry spicy mixes and take two on fire of a minute more.

2. Cut fresh chicken meat (use chicken breast or fillet) small pieces and fry it in a deep frying pan or a pan. Fry on creamy or olive oil. Add small cut onions (it is possible to use garlic), carrots, sweet paprika. Fry everything and add some tomato paste or ketchup. If you want to make sauce of more weak body, then add a little boiled water. Salt, pepper and season with dry spicy mixes. Stew meat and vegetables a couple of minutes. Properly mix the turned-out sauce.

3. On olive oil fry a small amount of plain flour, constantly stirring slowly with it. Then fill in the fried flour with boiled water, salt, pepper and add some seasonings (to taste). Also add two-three tablespoons of sour cream and mix everything. Remove from fire and let's stand a couple of minutes.

4. In a frying pan warm one tablespoon of olive oil. Then add to it one chopped garlic glove and sweet paprika. Fry everything. Knead several tinned tomatoes (prepeeled from a skin) a fork and also add on a frying pan. Salt and bring everything to the boil. Later add pieces of a squid and again bring to the boil, cover and you extinguish on average fire within thirty-forty five minutes. Later add small cut greens and remove from fire.

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