How to make the menu for a picnic on 20 people

How to make the menu for a picnic on 20 people

In good and warm weather it is the best of all to get out to the nature. And that it wasn't boring there, it is possible to organize a picnic, having invited to it relatives and good friends. For the big company it is necessary to think over carefully the menu that nobody remained hungry and at the same time it wasn't necessary to throw out the remains of products then.

What products can be taken on a picnic

To feed to satiety 20 people without excess efforts, it is the best of all to stock up with meat or various meat products: sausages, home-made sausages, sausages or pork sausages. They can be fried on a shive – it will turn out very tasty, quickly enough and simply. Meat will need to be pickled previously. Proceeding from the fact that the adult will hardly master more than 1 kg of products for all day including vegetables and bread, there will be enough meat on 500 g on everyone. And if you have still a set of nourishing snack, its quantity can be reduced to 300 g.

Besides meat products, it is necessary to stock up with a fresh vegetables on a season. It is the best of all outdoors cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and a garden radish disperse. It is possible to take a little paprika also. Well as a garnish potatoes or mushrooms will approach – they can be prepared in advance, to bake in sol, having inwrapped in a foil, or to roast on skewers. On one person it is worth taking not less than 150 g of each of the listed products.

In addition it is possible to take hard-boiled eggs, at least on 1 piece on each person, 300–500 g of fat, it is a little pickles of more fresh greens: fennel, cilantro, green onions and parsley. Also it is worth taking care of bread – 20 people better to take with itself 4 rolls, especially if in the company there are many men. It is possible to take in addition one baguette and to use it for preparation of sandwiches with paste or cheese. And if instead of a shish kebab nipples are planned, it is worth taking buns for each of them – then it will be possible to make hot dogs. It is worth taking care also of sauces to meat and meat dishes. It is better to take couple of bottles of favourite ketchup and 1 jar of white sauce. It is also possible to take with itself a small bottle of a tkemala or burning Tabasco. As a dessert various fresh fruit, firm cookies or in advance baked pie best of all will approach. The last dish has to be enough for all at least on a piece. And here it is better not to take cakes, chocolates or intricate cakes on a picnic, especially in hot weather.

What drinks need to be taken on a picnic

It is necessary to take care of simple drinking water – on 1 liter on each person. At the same time the most part of bottles of water has to be without gas, especially if on a picnic there are small children. On 20 people it is also worth taking 5-6 liters of juice or compote. If the picnic is in cool weather, hot tea or coffee won't prevent - they need to be poured in a thermos in advance. And the quantity and a variety of alcoholic drinks depends only on preferences of participants of a picnic therefore about it it is worth taking an interest at them.

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