Pumpkin and meat cutlets

Pumpkin and meat cutlets

Cutlets this most favourite dish practically each family. It can be prepared the whole month, having never repeated. There is a mass of recipes in which there can be absolutely different meat and the most various fillers. Pumpkin and meat cutlets – one of such recipes.


  • 600 g of beef;
  • 250 g of baked pumpkin;
  • 1 vitellus;
  • 2 napiform bulbs;
  • bread crumbs;
  • 40 ml of dense cream;
  • sunflower oil;
  • ½ teaspoons of black pepper, salt.


  • Carefully to wash out meat, deleting all undesirable veins and films, to dry, cut big pieces.
  • Pumpkin wash, remove a peel and seeds, to place in a form and to send to an oven, to bake until ready. Then to take out from an oven, to cool and cut large pieces.
  • Clean, wash, divide onions a knife into several large segments.
  • Pass all prepared ingredients through a large lattice of the meat grinder and mix to uniformity.
  • To add bread crumbs, a vitellus and cream to pumpkin mincemeat, to mix everything, filling with pepper and salt to taste.
  • Knead ready forcemeat and to beat off properly that it was condensed, then to place in a bowl and to send for 1 hour to the fridge.
  • In an hour to take out forcemeat from the fridge and to divide it into portion pieces.
  • Wet hands to create small cutlets from pieces and to lay out them on a dostochka.
  • In a frying pan to pour in oil and to warm it. Pour out the remained bread crumbs in a plate.
  • In turn to bread all cutlets in crackers, to spread in hot oil and to fry on both sides to a dark appetizing crust. We will note what is recommended to be fried on average fire 4 minutes from each party. At the end of frying to cover a frying pan and to potomit cutlets of 5-7 minutes on slow fire.
  • Lay out ready pumpkin and meat cutlets on a dish, decorate with fresh greens and cutting from a fresh vegetables, to give to a table with a favourite garnish. As a garnish any porridge or potato and also salad from a fresh vegetables will approach.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team